All you introverts out there

This one’s for you.

In the realm of extroverts and introverts, I find that people sometimes have the script all wrong. In my experience (of course, not with all cases), we tend to view extroverted people as these mythic figures with leadership skills, a confident aura, positive attitude, and an overly welcoming personality. But typically when we look at introverted people, sometimes it doesn’t consist of a bunch of positive vibes and warm feelings. Well, why the hell not? I hear things like shyness, insecurity, uncomfortable in large social situations, lack of confidence, etc. I don’t get it. When did society decide that being one of the two was better or worse?

Let me be the first (probably not the first actually) to say, the world absolutely needs you introverts. In fact, we need you just as much or even more than extroverts. You are organized when you do share your thoughts, you are careful in whom you place your trust, you aren’t spewing your life story to everyone you meet, and of the people that you hold close to your heart, you are extremely loyal. You aren’t one to be flighty with your passions, either. You also bring composure to the table when it feels like it’s all going off the rails.

In my personal life, I need introverted people to assist me in controlling the flighty ideas that come floating through my mind. I need help staying grounded, too. At times, I feel like I need to vent about everything and often times it is one of these wonderful introverted minds that guides me back to earth and helps me realize that I’m starting to exaggerate. There are so many strengths in a naturally introverted person.

I think one of the great things about someone that is careful in whom they trust and is cautious about how often they just let words out of their mouth, is their ability to observe and show patience for the right timing. They don’t want to be the person who is speaking without thought. I think often times they have an abundance of insight that could benefit the conversation, but the ability to know when to speak and when to listen is completely lost on a lot of people.

You see, while us extroverts are attempting to get every word out that comes to mind, the introvert is concocting a masterpiece in their own.

When I say a lot, I mean we extroverts. We’re so quick to contribute our ideas to the conversation, right? We feel like we have so much good stuff to add and sometimes I think we trip over our own words trying to get it all out. It makes us feel good. “Alright, I contributed to that conversation, maybe even swayed someone to think differently, awesome”. Where we fail is where the introvert succeeds, though. You see, while us extroverts are attempting to get every word out that comes to mind, the introvert is concocting a masterpiece in their own. They are putting together an idea while also thinking of the potential rebuttals that may develop as a consequence to their first statement. So now they’re being more careful. Now, they’ve moved to thinking of potential responses to the rebuttals that haven’t even happened yet. They are really attempting to give all sides of the conversation the proper amount of thought, before they just begin throwing ideas out there. Inside all of this complexity, lies wisdom — a common theme mentioned before, the ability to distinguish between when to speak and when to listen.

Introverts, I just want to say that we need you, I need you, and the world needs you. Without your ability to be rational, sound, and proportionate to the conversation, we extroverts would be lost in our flighty ideas and over-exaggerated conversation. I think your ability to remain patient, knowing that you are able to contribute great ideas and thoughts to any conversation, allows for a great balance of ego as well. Society needs to back off with labeling a naturally introverted person as someone who is insecure and lacking confidence. I think instead, that person may just be smart enough to know when not to look stupid.

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