Celebrating Resiliency, Connections and Growth

Connections have never been more important to people and businesses — COVID-19 made that abundantly clear. While we have spent a good part of the last year being separated from friends, colleagues and loved ones, it has only made the value of collaboration and connection more evident. Even as we’ve been able to innovate and adapt to this new normal, it doesn’t diminish the importance of the human connection — in fact it strengthens it.

This is what we will be writing about in this new blog from the Consulate General of Canada in Boston. Our goal is not only to help Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs forge synergistic, mutually beneficial relationships, but also to connect New England-based companies with Canadian talent, infrastructure and R&D: a win-win for both sides. Consider us as your gateway to your neighbor.

Canada has many attractive incentives for businesses including innovative R&D policies, a well-qualified talent pool, and thriving start-up community. In fact, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) just named Canada as the world’s top work destination. Besides being number one overall, Canada is also the first choice for those with master’s degrees or doctorates, for those with digital training or expertise, and for those younger than 30 according to the new study. Throughout the pandemic, investment and trade between the two regions has remained steady, despite some physical restrictions, while innovations have accelerated. Spurred by the quest for new treatments, vaccines, and medical equipment, Boston has emerged as a leading hub for academia and R&D and innovative responses to the COVID-19 crisis, with Canada as a preferred, and complementary partner.

We know how intimidating it can be to consider new investments and partners in an international location while there is still so much uncertainty and travel restrictions remain. This is what makes our mission more important than ever. We are here to help unlock new business opportunities and leverage the benefits across borders by accessing our ever-growing network in key industries.

Any business looking to expand — especially in key sectors such as Life Sciences, Tech (all kinds including CleanTech, Digital Health, EdTech and more), or Advanced Manufacturing– should consider Canada as a source for growth and innovation. The Consulate General of Canada in Boston can help in many ways, whether it’s by making introductions to potential investors or partners, providing on-the-ground intelligence, or explaining the tax credits and innovation policies available.

Over the last year, we have learned that our services to help companies thrive and grow through cross-border connections are more essential than ever. As we move into 2021, we are taking the time to celebrate those connections and the resiliency and continued growth of our community.

Please get in touch and continue to connect with us here as we share announcements, events and success stories.



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