What’s next?

Recently, I have been asking myself “What’s next?”. Last week I handed my notice in at a job I loved and decided to jump into consulting.

Why? That’s something I've been asking myself in the lead up to this decision. I have a great job, working with brilliant people, and I’m still learning so much. So why would I want to move on from that?

Ultimately it comes down to the desire to “give it a go”.

My parents are business owners and I have watched them start and grow their business since I was 12 years old. I have tried to ask questions and understand what they are doing and why they are doing it — from which I have seen first hand that running a business is always hard work and often stressful. However, it comes with many upsides. Freedom for experimentation and the idea of building something for yourself is not something I wanted to pass on and it now feels like a great time to try.

I’m only just getting started down the road, however, I want to create a journal for myself to look back on, right from the start of the journey, while also making something for others who are thinking of beginning consulting.

I have decided to start the Medium publication you are reading, along with a newsletter, to share what I have been doing. I plan to write about many aspects of going solo, from the high-level of setting my goals down to the low-levels of setting up a business.

Now starts the journey from “What’s next?” to “Giving it a go”.

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