1 hour to tax ready

I know you’re busy. I’m actually at the point today where I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to get everything done. I have this Christmastime nightmare where my family wakes up on Christmas morning and I’ve done nothing. There is no food, no presents, no hot cocoa. It’s as if the Grinch paid us a visit…but, in my dream it’s because I forgot. I didn’t do anything. My family doesn’t cry or lament. They just kind of shrug their shoulders in disappointment, but it’s almost as if they’re not surprised. That’s my nightmare. You know what else can be a nightmare? Taxes. I don’t want your tax time to be a nightmare this year so take 1 hour in December to pull it together so that your January is much easier.

  1. Enter all expenses in the expense section of Consultant Office.
  2. Finalize all wholesale orders. Make sure they are marked as paid (to record the purchase in your financial records) and shipped (to add them to your inventory.)
  3. Run a “delivered/undelivered products” report to make certain you’ve delivered all your invoice sales to your customers.
  4. Check for unpaid invoices and notify customers of unpaid balances.
  5. Mark all invoices “paid and delivered.” This records the financial information and removes the products from your inventory. After this is done you can archive all 2016 invoices.
  6. Print your tax info report and inventory value report once you are all done for the year.

Do all this any you’ll be set to begin 2017 worry free! Trust me it will be an hour well spent!

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