The eCommerce Checkout Best Practices Infographic

It is particularly frustrating to see online visitors go thru the entire shopping journey — finding their desired product, add to cart, and hit checkout — only to drop out at the very last step at checkout. This is a common challenge eCommerce marketers and owners face. Which also explains why our earlier article on eCommerce Checkout Best Practices is one of the most read pieces.

What causes eCommerce checkout abandonment?

According to benchmark study, the average checkout drop rate for eCommerce is as high as 25% of visitors who reached the checkout. This does not include all abandonment that had taken place prior to checkout, during the product browsing or after adding to cart. The reasons for checkout abandonment varies by visitors. The common ones are:

  • Final costs at checkout after including Shipping & Handling and taxes
  • Longer than expected shipping times
  • Long checkout forms
  • Registration or sign-up problems
  • Payment problems
  • Site performance issues

A high checkout drop rate is a sign that you need to further improve the checkout process for your site. A good way to start is by gathering your analytics and examining at which point do visitors tend to abandon the checkout. Understanding whether if most visitors drop out at the initial form sign up or final click to pay will provide you with excellent insights where to begin your optimization process.

Furthermore, we have compiled a short checklist of the eCommerce checkout best practices as an infographic to orient you. Treat it as a pointer on where to start looking. So without further ado.

eCommerce Checkout best practices that coverts visitor to customers

eCommerce Checkout Best Practices
eCommerce Checkout Best Practices

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