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Open Source Tech Conference, Jaipur, 2021

The world is changing, and the pandemic accelerated organizational transformation. The challenge is no longer capturing the largest share of voice but disruptive sustainable growth — delicately balanced on the three fundamental principles of cost, security, and stability!

The Open Source Community seeks to strengthen these pillars for mutual progress. In a similar attempt, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) User Group, Jaipur, on July 24–25, organized the global OS Tech Conference 2021. The AWS User Group Jaipur is an official community group of AWS and cloud computing enthusiasts, developers, architects, and evangelists, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and updates on the progress of the tech community.

The OS Tech Conf 2021 created a platform to connect well-known people and products to share their expertise on various topics. The event observed developers, cloud natives, DevOps, SRE, students, enthusiasts on a single platform. The conference provided interactive sessions with contests and quizzes to keep the audience on their toes.

Day 1:

Ricardo Sueiras, Principal Advocate in Open Source, AWS, initiated the conference as the keynote speaker by discussing “Open source and cloud — The future of IT). Michael Friedrich, developer evangelist at GitLab, presented his ideas on “Code to cloud native deployments” and suggested that viewers do everything themselves and seek out the broader community.

Later, Kunal Bharti, Associate VP at MapMyIndia, shared how to leverage location intelligence in apps and tech, sharing deep insights into the tech behind MapMyIndia. Ben Dechrai, Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0, shared his views on identity and beyond! Prateek Narang, SDE III at Google India presented Applications of Competitive Programming in Software Development.

Day 2:

The Conference also witnessed many topics such as Red Hat OpenShift on AWS, voyaging the cloud native seas, introduction to CherryBot, getting started on contributing to open source, and building your own open source DevOps stack. Such a multitude of wisdom came from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, such as:

  • Bill Mulligan, who’s a community manager at CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
  • Ajeet Singh Raina, Develop Relations Manager at Redis Labs
  • Karan MV, Developer Relations at GitHub
  • Gaurav Kheterpal, Chief Learning Officer MTX Group
  • Ameeta Roy, Solutions Architect at Red Hat
  • Bhargav Meka, Senior Solutions Architect, and Lead at Red Hat

The Conference on Day 1 also saw a homegrown, completely open-source software delivery workflow for Kubernetes — Devtron. Prakarsh from Devtron Labs curated a session discussing how Devtron makes Kubernetes deployment extremely smooth. While there were many solutions in the Kubernetes vertical, none of them provided end-to-end software delivery. To address this challenge, Devtron was born. Devtron seamlessly integrates with the majority of the solutions in the marketplace. (Watch the session here —

The Devtron project is an entirely open-source project that anyone can contribute to. All the DevOps and open source enthusiasts can contribute their charts under the new feature, “Bring your own charts”. Devtron will release a lot of community charts along with it. If contributors have a chart in mind and want to contribute, they go to Devtron’s repository on GitHub, click on the contribute chart folder, and find all the details. Devtron will showcase the charts on their GitHub repository with due credits! Check Devtron’s repository here —

The OS Tech Conference 2021 observed over 20k registrations concluding with 2500+ members in an ever-growing community.



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