Container Super Meetup 2018

Container Camp
Aug 31, 2018 · 3 min read

Every year in the run up to Container Camp UK we organise a community collider meetup which brings together all of the local user groups focussing on containers and related technologies.

This year we teamed up with the awesome folks from Docker London, Kubernetes London and Istio London for a fine evening of talks, demos and networking at the awesome Microsoft reactor space in Shoreditch.

Kicking off the meetup was Luke Bond of ControlPlane who taught us about Secure Kubernetes Application Delivery highlighting Grafeas and In Toto as useful tools in this process.

We then examined What Makes Persistent Storage for Containers Different with CTO of StorageOS Alex Chircop. He took us through the eight principles of cloud native storage and talked about the key technologies behind docker image and container management.

After the break the brilliant Stefan Prodan of Weaveworks took us through A/B testing with Istio and GitOps which included a great live demo using Istio, Helm and Weave Flux.

We were then joined by the Denise Yu of Pivotal who gave a us a breakdown of her Istio sketchnote and talked through her process of learning and visualising technical concepts. She also told us about her awesome new book A Children’s A-Z of Continuous Delivery which is now available for ore-order.

Our final talk of the evening was literally heart pounding! YLD engineer Tom Gallacher showed us A Heart Rate Validating Admission Webhook using a bluetooth enabled heart monitor to only allow the creation of Pods when his heart rate was above a certain BPM threshold. Amazing!! You can capture your own heart rate in Node.js and perform action based on the data right here.

Thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, our hosts Justin Davies and Microsoft Reactor, our meetup sponsors Tecknuovo, Rancher Labs and Oracle Cloud and to Dominique Top, Milos Gajdos, Ivan Pedrazas, Peter Idah, Ben Hall, Cheryl Hung, Andrew Martin, Luke Bond and all the meetup organisers who do such an awesome job all year round!

We can’t wait to see everyone next week at Container Camp UK 2018!

Container Camp

Meet the Container Experts

Container Camp

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The world’s leading independent conference on container technology. Melbourne, May 23–25, 2018 | London, Sept 6–7th, 2018.

Container Camp

Meet the Container Experts

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