Meet The Container Experts: Diogo Mónica

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, how did you get involved in containers and join Docker?

One of the major reasons that drove me to join Docker was the frustration of seeing every security team in the valley building the same exact core pieces of security infrastructure at each of their companies.

When I joined in early 2015, the adoption rate made it incredibly obvious that Docker was poised to change the way that people design and run their infrastructures. I knew that if we were able to build security directly into the Docker platform itself we would not only free a lot of engineering time, but also have massively positive impact on the security of infrastructures everywhere.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to container adoption today?

I believe the biggest barrier to container adoption is the fact that, in order to take advantage of all of the niceties in this new containerized world, applications themselves will also have to be changed. This will happen, but not overnight.

Is there someone in the container community who you admire for their work?

This is a hard question to answer, since there are so many of them. I’ve been working closer to the folks at Microsoft these past few months, and I really think they’re making a herculean effort to put containers front and center in their cloud strategy. I think props are in order.

Without giving too much away, what three things will people learn from your Container Camp AU talk?

You will learn how we think about the future of orchestration security, how to apply the principle of least-privilege to your infrastructure, and last but definitely not least, you will learn what Orchestras, Plays and Ballets all have in common.

Join Diogo for his Container Camp AU keynote on 22–24 May in Sydney. More info and tickets available here. Use code DiogoCC for a special discount.