Meet The Container Experts: Vishal Biyani

Container Camp
Apr 2, 2017 · 2 min read

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, how did you get involved with containers and join Infracloud?

My journey has been an exciting one — from a Mechanical Engineering graduate to Containers and the ecosystem today. I began my career as a backend Java engineer working for large enterprises. Later I was involved in a few greenfield projects where I got to learn CI/CD/Configuration management problems and solutions.

I then worked at a large SI (System integrator) incubating their DevOps practice, building the team and helping customers in adopting the journey of CM & CD tools.

Most recently Girish, CEO of InfraCloud and me together founded InfraCloud technologies — a programmable infrastructure company. We are focused on Containers, DevOps and building cloud-native platforms.

Q2. What projects most excite you in the container ecosystem at the moment?

I am super excited about OpenTracing, some of the storage related projects in container space and Fission — a serverless framework on top of Kubernetes.

Q3. Is there someone in the container community who you admire for their work?

Oh, this list is going to be long, but I will keep it short — I follow and admire Darren Shepherd (Rancher), Austen Collins (Serverless), Janakiram MSV. But as I said this is what is top my head right now.

Q4. Without giving too much away. What will people learn from your Container Camp AU workshop and talk?

The workshop is a great start for anyone wanting to get a full view and get started with Kubernetes. The Serverless on Kubernetes talk focuses on some key considerations and comparison of a few frameworks to drive the point through.

Container Camp

Meet the Container Experts

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