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Deploying Microservices with GitOps

Deploying Microservices with GitOps
  • What are microservices?
  • What are some of the challenges with microservices?
  • What is GitOps?
  • What is Argo CD?
  • How can GitOps and Argo CD help your deployments for your microservices?


Challenges of Microservices

  • The exploding number of pipelines.
  • Difficulty managing deployments (all at once, in sequence, and with dependencies).
  • Difficult to monitor.
  • Difficult to debug (when things go wrong).


Argo CD

How GitOps and Argo can help

  • No more deployment pipelines -> Argo CD deploys them from Git
  • Reduce files -> use an ApplicationSet
  • Always know their health -> Argo CD health
  • Deployment cadence -> Argo CD sync phases/waves
metadata:  annotations: “5”
metadata:  annotations: PostSync
  • Dependencies -> See the graphical view of Argo CD
  • Fast rollbacks/progressive delivery -> Argo Rollouts




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