Constellation, a venture in governance

Coordination is our kind’s greatest asset. It has helped us organize to communicate in order to share knowledge, secure peace with politics or pool resources to fund ventures

Process of governance on forums, uncensored

All of these ground-breaking organisations were able to form because a group of people in charge of decision-making were able to reach consensus. This is the process of governance.

Digital assets have set ablaze our conception of organisation and governance by creating liquid and trustless assets that allow financial experimentation on an unprecedented scale without the need of intermediaries.

This has led to some wacky ideas, but also to revolutionizing financial protocols. Among all the experiments we have witnessed, community distributed tokens stuck with us. From Compound’s initial farming to Uniswap’s massive retroactive distribution, we feel these projects have ignited a wave enabling community-based businesses, like cooperatives, to reach a whole new level.

Giving users control of a protocol is revolutionary in the sense that it empowers users, more than ever. While letting everyone express and have a say in the future of the system has become the norm in occidental politics, this type of governance is very rare and archaic in business. We believe there is a wave of community-led projects, that will radically modify the way we do business.

However, before changing the world, governance on digital assets and decentralized protocols has to find its ground. Managing a protocol’s ecosystem is as much a science as an art : you need to be as transparent as possible while motivating all the actors of the protocol (creators, investors, partners and users) to keep using the system instead of switching over to a competitor.

Even if an equilibrium is figured out, current governance is plagued by inefficiencies:

  • Voting costs several dollars each time
  • Discussions can be messy and inneficient
  • Useful information is too spread
  • Speculation prevails on investing in principles
  • And we’re just talking about the problems we see!
This is basically us for the past year

As actors and believers in this system we have decided to try and help enabling the coming wave of community led projects. For this reason, we are proud to unveil our venture in governance: Constellation.

Constellation’s goal is to promote decentralized governance and facilitate its access with quality information, a better user experience, delegation, legal & strategical positioning and community funding.

Over the course of the next months we will roll out various apps, communities and other projects on governance with the aim contributing to on-chain governance while decentralizing Constellation in a 2-year span.

In the meantime, we welcome you to see if you find yourself in the further details on our website, chat with us on our Telegram group, and, if you feel like it, choose us as your delegates when it will be available !

See you soon,

Maxime & Romain

If you believe in this vision of crypto governance, you can support our actions by donating in the next Gitcoin Grant or directly to our delegation address: constellationfund.eth



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