Babita Bought a Bit of Butter

For the first time

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
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3 min readJun 13, 2024


A package of sliced bread and a cardboard carton of butter, oily from the melting of the butter
Bread and butter. Author’s image.

I missed my breakfast!

I had an egg early this morning, and some coffee.

Then, I got distracted by some phone calls and clean forgot to have my roti (flatbread) and eggplant — my breakfast.

I didn’t remember my breakfast until I reached my workplace.

There, my first patient was a no-show and I had a few minutes to decide what I wanted to order off my phone and eat.

Pick bread-and-butter, not garlic bread.

I looked at Domino’s pizza, Subway sandwiches, and garlic bread online before I decided that if I was going to have white carbs, I might as well have cheap ones.

I sent my assistant, Babita, out for some bread and butter.

Babita returned with the bread and butter and I managed to wave the bread along the edge of the melting butter without any cutlery — it is so hot here, the butter was more the texture of mayonnaise than butter.

I remember feeling complete, happy and virtuous when I had the bread and butter. I may be living in a small and hot city, but at least I had an assistant who could run out and buy me…



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