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My Boss Speaks to Dead People

She’s the biggest problem solver I know

Kris Benevento
Apr 7 · 12 min read
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Sitting at my desk I opened up my work email. I read, “My father passed suddenly. I never got to say good-bye. Can I have the next available consultation with Rosemary?”

I went on to the next one:

“Would Rosemary consider being on my podcast?”

“Could she speak to my group?”

“Please send healing to my mother-in-law who suffered a stroke last night.”

“Would Rosemary consider teaching a writing class?”

“I need some direction, I’m feeling a bit stuck.”

“I have two special needs children and I need help.”

“Are there any tickets left for her webinar?”

“When is the next book coming out?”

“How do I write comments during her live weekly shows?”

“Can you tell me where I can get the healing meditation CD?”

“I need Rosemary to help me with finances… a failing marriage…a child support deserter.”

“They say it was a suicide but I don’t believe them.”

You name the life situation and I am sure Rosemary has dealt with it — after all, she’s advised Fortune 500 leaders, scientists, parents who have lost children, and yes, even some movie stars.

My experience with Rosemary Altea started with a paperback my sister sent me back in 1996 — The Eagle and the Rose. I couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover in one sitting.

I became more interested as the years went on as did Oprah, Larry King, Leeza Gibbons, Diane Sawyer, Unsolved Mysteries, and more.

Rosemary has been invited to many foreign countries as a guest on their television programs. I don’t know how many podcasts and radio programs, magazines and newspapers there are out there with golden nuggets of inspiration given by Rosemary.

Her book, led to others — , and a cookbook.

By 2000, I had to see her in person. When I did, I was blown away. Then I had to see her again. That still wasn’t enough. I became her student, a healer, and most importantly — her friend.

Over the years I have experienced so many things that prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt — Rosemary Altea is who she says she is — The Voice of the Spirit World.

The insight she brings to those willing to listen thanks to her connections with our loved ones and her Spirit Guide is beyond compare.

“When I realized how much the spirit world sees, I began putting bubbles in my bubble bath.” ~ Rosemary Altea

How I began working in the office

Early in 2020, SARS-CoV-2 spread worldwide at the same time I was laid off. Rosemary’s part-time assistant left and during the vacancy, since I had time on my hands, I said I would volunteer as I had done once before, years earlier.

People ask me what it is like working with someone who has a spirit guide — an Apache named Grey Eagle, and who has people and animals — dead to us — but alive in the spirit world communicating with her.

I say, it is all so fascinating, enlightening, and inspiring!

Rosemary doesn’t “read” anyone — she has conversations with their loved ones or with her Spirit Guide. She sees ‘dead’ people — she communicates with them, they stand before her, and bring her to places in the only way they can.

Am I worried as I sit at my computer that Grey Eagle is stalking me, telling Rosemary tales? Not at all. I feel grateful that I am allowed to be part of their team, helping others find a way to heal or make choices in their lives that bring health and happiness.

Each week on her live, shows anyone can ask a question — as long as they are respectful. Marla Hughes interviewed Rosemary recently and I was reminded of the story Rosemary shares here. This is a fine example of why I don’t need to worry about Grey Eagle stalking me because I know everyone in the spirit world can see me in heart, mind, and soul and I do my best to make sure I am thought well of.

I want to do as much as I can to help the spirit world and Rosemary uplift humanity. Being in Rosemary’s world is enlightening. A privilege. Exciting. Inspiring. Uplifting and sometimes sad.

Being a student of Rosemary’s, participating in her Webinars, or mentoring classes is everything I could hope for. I wish I could do more.

So many people have lost loved ones — children, parents, friends, siblings, lovers, spouses, animals — and each person asking to have time with Rosemary grieves deeply. The circumstances surrounding each of their stories might tear your heart out — until you hear from the other side and begin to see a larger picture of what is going on.

We do not die.

Every day there are suicides, murders, long-term or short-term illnesses, tragic accidents, cheating, terrorism, birth defects, miscarriages, mass murder — and this one woman, has thousands come to her hoping to find solace and answers.

She feels their pain and yet manages to hold herself together long enough to pass along truths that only someone from can tell — stories that are meant to heal or uplift on both sides.

“I will use this power for good and in the way that the universe demands is the right way — in a way that will heal and ease hearts, bring joy and light and, I truly hope enlightenment.” ~ Rosemary Altea from The Eagle and the Rose

I feel annoyed sometimes when people who have a finite mindset, or specific religious dogma, or extremely skeptical beliefs, and don’t believe in what she can do but have also never had a first-hand experience are mean and write horrible things about this special woman.

I think about her as a child — terrified of what she saw and no one understanding. I think about the treatment her parents gave her — especially her mother virtually casting her side. I think about her cheating husband and despite all this, she devotes her life to helping others. The gift she was born with, that made her question her sanity and made her in her own words, “strange,” has turned into a tool to use on our behalf.

My first-hand accounts

Sitting in an audience of hundreds I listen for the gasp of recognition as a father is told the angels came during a house fire and we listened as they told Rosemary, “two children will stay and two children will go.”

A mother cries hearing about the last moments of her son and husband’s death in a car accident, and I watch as she covers her mouth as all the details match what she knows to be true.

A child tells Rosemary the answer to his mother’s question before she even asks it. “Does he want anything?” These parents learn that their non-communicative child who has never been able to speak, walk or feed himself —likes it when they feed him something sweet.

A man dragged in by his wife, sitting cross-armed, not believing a word being said before him, turns ghostly white as his older brother — missing in a foreign war comes to Rosemary asking her to relieve a burden long carried — saying he was killed and is not missing in action. The younger brother is told his older brother still visits with him at the fishing hole they used to go to when they were children with a description of the location that leaves no doubt.

A daughter from the spirit world skipping down the long aisle of the hotel conference room stops before her Mommy and she begins to tellRosemary she saw Mommy looking at a shoe catalog before coming to the event. She gives further details that mommy had circled a specific pair of shoes, oh and she wants a chocolate cake for her birthday tomorrow even though she is in heaven…

A father telling his son to continue playing baseball and he tells the son about a glove that no one has thought about, buried in a closet and he wants him to use it — this Dad still connecting with his wife and son even though this man “died” in a snowmobile accident.

That’s not all. Not by far.

A daughter sharing her story about how her mother, allergic to anesthesia used Rosemary’s healing tape in place of anesthetic. She made an hours-long reel, played end to end on repeat to put herself under while the doctors cut off her hand and reattached it following an automobile accident…

That Woman

I’ve known Rosemary for twenty-one years and have seen and heard much that leaves me in awe. These stories do not touch the tip of the iceberg for all she does in private and can’t talk about to protect her client’s privacy.

Rosemary is an accomplished New York Times Best Selling author. She plays piano and sings, she crochets, she is a fabulous cook, she designs homes, she has a wonderful sense of British humor and has a heart of gold. But she is also a truth-teller and if you go to her, you need to be prepared for that.

She doesn’t deal in the airy-fairy, woo-woo world that some do — she is a boots-on-the-ground, sensible, logical spiritual medium, healer, teacher, and speaker.

Rosemary has a special affinity for parents who have lost children. She has spoken at Tomorrow’s Children, has given benefits for hospital groups, and knows how to approach with the gentlest touch. Every Christmas she and her team sponsor a family for Christmas. Rosemary insists on shopping for them — picking just the right things for the children and parent.

I’ve been to many of her open houses for the holidays, even having our family spend Christmas with her. My favorite times are when we have chocolate ice cream on a white plate and Rosemary tells us something about ourselves when she looks at the energy left by the melted chocolate on the plate.

One time we did that and as we were going around the circle sharing what she saw, she refused to tell me what my plate displayed. She told me, “if you want to know, ask me later.” I snapped a picture of my bowl and tried to figure it out myself.

A couple of days later, as I was getting back on the plane to go home, I did ask her. In her normal sensible line of making sure I knew what I was getting myself into, she asked me, “Do you really want to know?” I of course said yes. She asked again. “Do you really want to know?” I said yes. She pointed to a part of the “picture” I had snapped and pointed to the small outcropping shooting off a group of lines that looked like family in a boat.

She told me that the family was going to lose someone, and it would be quick and unexpected.

A week later my cousin’s daughter died of an overdose.

I’ve listened to Rosemary ask Grey Eagle if he could find her a parking space out front as we are about to pull up, and the parking space is suddenly vacated by another vehicle — and this has happened numerous times.

I’ve been with her at McDonald’s and as we sit down to eat our just out of the oil extra hot and crispy chicken and fries, someone sits at the table next to us and she mentions something that leads to a message being given. I can always tell by the shock on their faces that whatever was said was true.

Someone from the spirit world taps her on the shoulder and hopes she will give a message and if she can, in the right way, she will try to help them both. Rosemary never forces herself on anyone.

An Evening With Rosemary

Once my brother came to one of her events after my father passed. The night before, we shared a room and were chit-chatting just before we fell asleep. He and his wife just had a baby and he wanted to know what my deceased parents knew of it. He asked me what I wanted to know. I told him Rosemary would never give me a message- after all, I am her student and she sees me all the time. Still, he persisted. I told him I wanted to know if in heaven our parents ever got together since they were divorced when they were alive.

My brother who did not sit next to me to ensure Rosemary didn’t know we were connected, did get a message that night and as he went to sit following his message, grateful for what he received, she stopped him. “Hold on. I am told you want to know if your parents ever get together. They are saying, we do when the family does.” Needless to say, that was like getting two messages for him but it was also my gift and one that keeps on giving as even as I type this, I am overcome by the aha and the feelings of love they sent and the hairs on my arms stand up.

The Gift

This woman — my boss — Rosemary Altea has been seeing ‘dead’ people since she was a toddler. (She doesn’t believe they are dead.) Think of the movie The Sixth Sense and imagine the terror you would feel if strangers in all kinds of shapes and conditions came to you in the deep of the night and no one believed you or protected you.

Little Rosemary’s mother barely tolerated her. Her father was frequently away as a professional soldier and when he was home he was quite stern, commanding his child troop. Rosemary’s siblings toed the line so as not to be subject to their parent's wrath and their mother believed very much in divide and conquer.

“Our local lending library, a huge building, was situated just at the top of the street where I lived with my parents and siblings, not far to walk, perhaps only five minutes, and was the best place for me to hide away.” ~Rosemary Altea

So this one little child bore the brunt of the world, not knowing anything different than life was scary and tough. Her church and a kind neighbor were the only bright moments in her childhood. She chose marriage to escape one form of trauma only to find herself in a marriage with a cheating husband.

That once frightened and beaten down child grew into a powerful, wise woman. Rosemary's experiences have helped her empathize with clients because she knows exactly how someone can feel having their head shaved, being cheated on, suffering a miscarriage, being abandoned by a husband, being made to feel you are nothing, living with an alcoholic, raising a child on her own, losing a pet, having someone steal from her, and being placed in the public eye after people spread untruths.

“One of the hardest aspects of working as a medium is seeing, and sometimes being part of, the intense pain parents have to go through when losing a child.” ~ Rosemary Altea

One of the hardest parts of being friends and working with a medium is knowing the pain she willingly places herself into to help others. It is also reading unkind and hurtful comments from people with no direct experience of this human being who is here to be of service.

Rosemary writes in The Eagle and the Rose:

Rosemary’s is this voice of reason, compassion, and empathy. My boss does the world a service. She perseveres because she has a larger mission. Communicating with ‘dead people’ and sharing the larger, wider knowledge of the Universe— and I am glad she does.

If you have never experienced Rosemary Altea she has two virtual webinars coming up in May to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of The Eagle and the Rose.

Have you signed up for Messages From the Spirit World or Grey Eagle Speaks?


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