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Classic FM and David Walliams team up on classical-music podcast for kids

I’ll be honest: my children’s experience of classical music is basically restricted to that time my nine year-old was part of a violin-group for a term, as well as that famous recording of a school orchestra enthusiastically murdering ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’. Neither of which has, thus far, given them the taste for listening to orchestral music more regularly.

Perhaps David Walliams can help. The author and actor has teamed up with British radio station Classic FM to launch a new podcast for children, which hopes to get them excited about classical music. The first of its 10 episodes comes out on 4 February, and promises to take an entertaining (rather than a dry) approach to the music, with a target age-range of 7–12 year-olds.

“As well as discovering what some of the greatest composers such as Mozart and Beethoven were really like, Walliams travels inside a piano, investigates the strangest instruments on the planet, and meets the mavericks and divas who took the classical music world by storm…”

David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast (as it’s called) will be available in the Global Player app that Classic FM’s parent company owns, but also in other places people get their podcasts – its trailer is already available in the app I use, Overcast, and also in Apple’s podcasts library, for example. You can subscribe to the podcast in both to make sure you get the full episodes when they appear.



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