Osmo Super Studio gets kids drawing with Disney characters

Osmo is one of the most interesting gadgets for kids I’ve seen in recent years: a stand for an iPad tablet that uses the device’s camera to ‘see’ what’s placed in front of it: for example letter tiles, coding blocks or even Hot Wheels cars.

Or drawings. Osmo’s latest app makes use of its device to get children drawing, with some familiar characters: Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Donald and Daisy Duck.

It’s called Osmo Super Studio, and it revolves around stories with the Disney characters, who regularly prompt children to draw “tools, toys, scenery and snacks” on paper in front of the stand, which are then photographed and digitally inserted into the story.

Here’s a demo video, which may make more sense than my explanation!

This is a physical product as well as an app: it costs $19 in the US and €29 here in Europe. You’ll need an Osmo base too though: that costs $29 in the US (or $19 for the iPhone version) or €39 here in Europe. Apple stores will be selling a $59 version that includes a base as well as Super Studio.

Osmo sees Super Studio as something that will encourage kids’ creative instincts even — and this is quite a brave thing for a megabrand like Disney to agree to — if they want to add their own twists to any characters they draw.

“When kids are asked to draw Daisy they have the freedom to draw her as they see her — or how they’d like to see her — with a bow or an astronaut helmet — the only limit is a child’s imagination,” is how Osmo puts it.