We’re glowing (in the dark) at the thought of Robots in Space posters

Justin Bieber? Lionel Messi? Little Mix? Or Voyager, Cassini and Curiosity? I’m talking about posters for your children’s bedroom, and while those first three celebrities are on plenty of walls, it might be time for some robotic space missions to give them some competition.

This, at least, is the hope of American company Chop Shop Studio, which is making a new series of ‘Robots in Space!’ glow-in-the-dark posters based on famous space missions.

“We’ve taken the three most popular robotic space missions from our original Spacecraft Series – Voyager, Cassini, and Curiosity — and have illustrated them for the young and young at heart,” explains the company in its Kickstarter pitch.

“These missions brought us so much incredible knowledge: the first image of Earth and our moon, the discovery of volcanoes on Io, Titan revealed as an Earth-like planet with lakes and rain of methane, and discovering a long complex history of water on Mars — and that’s only the beginning!”

“We want to create a fun poster series that not only showcases these stellar bodies, but ALSO celebrates the amazing missions that opened up these worlds.”

$45 will get you a single silk-screen print, but there are lower and higher tiers ranging from a mobile wallpaper download to a dozen of the prints. The posters look very cool indeed: they’ll be 18 by 24 inches in size, and they’ll come with a key explaining what the various elements are. And yes, they’ll glow in the dark. Bet Justin can’t do THAT…

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