Content marketing : From 0 to 6000 leads in four weeks

If you read this tribune, it is far from being a coincidence.

Nicolas Vrc
Aug 18 · 4 min read

Yeah, that’s right I’m talking to you ;)

According to my estimates, there are:

32% chance that you are a BtoB Marketer
25% chance that you are a BtoC Marketet
23% chance that you are responsible for communication
20% chance of someone else with no business opportunities for us. We still like you though :).

One thing is for sure: You’re an exceptional person. Why ? Because it’s already been more than 8 second since you began to read this article. You’re already above the average attention span.

You’re right to read these lines because they’ll hopefully improve the way you in which you interact with your prospects through content.

In this article I’ll give you the 5 rules that allowed one of our SaaS client to achieve :

  • 6000 leads brought by blog traffic traffic a month
  • 4000$ MRR thanks to content marketing

Ready ? Let’s get started !

🤔 RULE 1 — Find the questions your prospects will ask

One of the first thing we ask ourselves before writing any piece of SEO optimized content is :

“What will my future customers type on Google before finding my blog ?”

One way to find that out is to use Buzzsumo’s Question Analyzer or Answer the Public.

Type a topic into the Answer the Public search box, and you’ll get a list of questions people have actually searched for on Google.

Pick a question that seems relevant to your audience, decide on the type of content, such as a blog post, and add a title to your calendar. Repeat the process till you have planned out content for the next few months.

🗓 RULE 2 — Schedule your content creation

Creating an editorial strategy and posting regularly is a long process. It requires a team of great content creators and hours of work every day.

At Content Circle we work with senior freelance copywriters from the US or the UK. We organize them in tribes, each committed to the success of one of our clients. Our main challenge is to organize content creation.

Here’s how to organize your content scheduling :

A simple yet very effective Google sheet document with deadlines and a content brief.

Click here to access the content calendar (it’s free and no opt-in is required)

Our Google Sheet lays out the steps you need to go from the initial blog post idea in your head, all the way to publishing on your blog.

Google Sheets integrates pretty easily with Zapier and lets you sync rows in your spreadsheet to other apps like Google Calendar, Evernote or Twitter. You could use this functionality to automatically create events in your Google Calendar, for example.

🎯 RULE 3 — Never forget about your target

Like a great majority of the people working in content marketing I admire Hubspot’s blogging strategy. The target of Hubspot are SMB owners or sales representatives. They managed to rank N°1 on Google on every question a marketer could ask himself. Here’s an example :

A close friend working there once told me that they had to do a big restructuring in their content.

In fact, they had so much SEO effective content that it would sometimes bring unqualified traffic.

In order to change that they decided to filter out the content that bringed the most unqualified traffic and focus on building less but well aimed content.

👑 RULE 4 — Go for a walk in the forest…

Yeah, that’s right. In the evergreen content forest (Yes, I know this joke is terrible…).

The idea behind creating evergreen content is that by writing compelling stories that are easily found by search engines and always stay fresh (i.e., forever green) you get a much better long term ROI on your content marketing strategy.

One main focus for content marketers is finding evergreen content that’s will always be relevant to your audience and bring long term traffic.

Interesting and relevant content that does not become dated is necessary in order to be found online by search engines. Evergreen content can help deliver traffic to your website and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings for months or even years from when it was first published.

🦄 RULE 5 — Check out Content Circle

Yes, I know this sounds salesy. But, that’s truly the best way to skyrocket your content marketing strategy without the hassle.

We also have a 14 days money back guarantee so give it a try and see for yourself.

Content Circle

Unlimited content marketing for a fixed monthly price

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Content Circle

Unlimited content marketing for a fixed monthly price

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