Introducing Blocks Edit

We’ve built websites and emails for various clients for years. In the website world, there are content management systems that we setup our client’s websites on so they can go in and update content on their own. In recent years, these systems have gotten rather complex and clunky. So we eventually came up with our own system with a much simpler interface. In fact, we didn’t even like calling it a ‘system’, just a content editor. As we continued developing it, we noticed there was a greater need and a better fit for the way our tool worked in the marketing email world. So about year ago, we decided to go down that path. And Blocks Edit is the result.

Along the way, we’ve learned that custom email design and development, like a website, can be very creative within the limitations that come with it. So one of our primary goals with Blocks Edit was to make it flexible for a designer to build the email template they wanted without any restrictions from implementing the content editing features.

And when it came to content editing, the interface wouldn’t get in the way of the design, so anyone making the updates would be able to see exactly what the final results looked like as they were making them. This includes no code needed to be written while updating content. Blocks Edit separates content and code while at the same time working together seamlessly in the background. The interface focuses on just being able to easily update content while the integrity of the template code is ensured to work as it was intended.

This separation is done by keeping code implementation to a minimum by utilizing HTML and CSS rules for a framework that requires little time and effort to setup. Its flexibility means designers/developers and content editors decide how content updates should be made depending on the needs of a given template. So designers/developers can focus on what they do best, building a great template; and marketers and content writers can focus on what they do best, writing content that communicates the company’s products/services to their customers.

The simplicity of the interface also means anyone can make content updates. And a template can be shared with all decision makers that need to review it. This streamlines the workflow by eliminating a lot of back and forth among everyone involved in the process. It just makes everything easier, so we can build and write better marketing emails.

Blocks Edit is now live and ready for you to improve how you send out marketing campaigns. You can sign up for a free trial or request a demo for us to show you how it can fit into your current workflow.