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Content Consumed: June 21

It’s officially, finally summer! Happy solstice, everyone. Let’s get into the heat. In today’s Content Consumed

  • It’s a hot summer for funk, disco and tropical house music (me, Medium). Beyoncé’s premiere solo single since 2016, Drake’s shocker album drop in an unexpected genre, Calvin Harris’ hotly-anticipated Funk Wav Bounces Vol. II, Lizzo’s bopping into the disco world, and Love Island’s summer sounds are driving us all to the dancefloor.
  • Niche term of the week: Seafood kitsch (Eater). You know I’ve gotta introduce you all to a bizarre new Internet aesthetic term every time I see one. Introducing “seafood kitsch”: sardine prints, lobster sandals, oyster earrings, and surrealist caviar decor. It could be considered “bistro vibes”, or perhaps it’s just inspired by tacky Italian restaurant decor.
  • College baseball World Series has me sucked in (ESPN). “Are you okay? What happened?” my fiancé shouted from the other room, after I was caught hootin’ and hollerin’ for players I didn’t know and a team I didn’t know at the top of the 6th inning in Stanford v. Auburn’s sudden death game for the NCAA Men’s College World Series. It’s just so incredibly easy to get into—first you toss it on in the background then it sucks you in. Faster-paced than MLB, but nothing you need to commit hard to.
  • How Roe v. Wade’s fall affects Puerto Rican women (Refinery 29). Puerto Rico has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world, but now, due to its association with the United States, violence against abortion providers, activists, and patients is on the rise. Local leaders in the reproductive justice movement believe that anti-choicers are becoming empowered by the political wins the anti-abortion movement is gaining in the contiguous U.S.
  • Meet the man behind Anna Wintour’s bob (NYT). For the past six years, every day at 8 a.m. sharp, Andreas Anastasis has walked to Wintour’s townhouse, where he spends about 20 minutes maintaining upkeep of her famous bob, whether it’s cutting, coloring, spraying, blow-drying or styling. He doesn’t reveal anything particularly fascinating about the famously secretive Vogue editor in this piece, but it’s a compelling insight into a highly unusual job.

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