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Content Consumed: June 3

Howdy, howdy! Hope you all had a great 4-day work week. On this Friday edition of Content Consumed

  • Goodbye “Coastal Grandmother”, hello “Night Luxe” (Insider). Meditation and green juices are out, late nights and martinis are in. Let’s get messy, girlies. On the list of to-do’s: smear your glittery mascara, slip on a stained mini dress, and take some blurry pics to sort-of remember the night. Because hedonism is the new wellness.

The internet provides an almost limitless pool of references to draw from — including silly memes and inside jokes, but also serious ideas and conversations. It’s a beautiful world to share with another person.

Have a truly wonderful weekend, y’all.




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Casey Miller

Writer by profession and hobby. My daily series, Content Consumed, lets you know what everyone’s talking about—and what everyone should be talking about.