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Content Consumed: June 9

Catch a vibe this lovely Thursday afternoon. And by vibe, I mean a post-work drink at your favorite spot down the street. You deserve it.

And for today’s Content Consumed

  • Was the Boston crowd too rowdy? (Sports Illustrated). Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Warriors supporters are pissed because Celtics fans got a bit wild during Game 3 at their home court last night. The debate: When do chants go too far? Is “FUCK YOU DRAYMOND!” too far? Like Draymond’s wife said, his kids were in the stand hearing Celtics fans (grown men, mind you!) hurling various insults at their father. Certainly inappropriate, certainly against whatever code of conduct exists. So should all these fans (there were dozens, if not hundreds, perhaps thousands swearing at the top of their lungs) get ejected, or even banned from NBA games? What’s the punishment?
  • Being called a “bimbo” is a compliment now (Vogue UK). I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but you know I love diving into niche Internet terms. (See past Content Consumed stories about feral v. clean girls, coastal grandmother v. night luxe). Now, we’re reclaiming “bimbo” as part of new wave feminism. It’s more than just a hyperfeminine aesthetic; it’s a mindset.

Its semi-ironic tone — TikTok captions include “no one can out-bimbo me I’m literally brain dead” — cloaks a serious cultural shift from the misogyny of a decade that fed us movies like Legally Blonde and The House Bunny, and poked fun through an infamous New York Post paparazzi shot of a partied-out Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan under the headline “Bimbo Summit”.

The queen of the 2000s bimbos. ❤
  • WaPo’s sh*tshow in the newsroom (Vanity Fair). I live to watch corporate drama unfold in the media; give me all the gnarly Slack screenshots, the colleague back-and-forths, the retractions and corrections, the shot unicorns by delusional leaders a lá WeWork. The world of journalism is no different and sometimes it’s worse. The journalists and editors of the Washington Post are at each other’s throats this week and it’s juicy.
  • Will a new mental health hotline work? (Axios). Pro: a new mental health hotline, 988, is launching to alleviate pressure on the 911 line for other emergencies and give proper treatment to those experiencing mental health crises. Con: the experts really weren’t consulted. It’s being reported that 51% of mental health agency directors hadn’t been involved in the development of a strategic plan for it, and only 16% helped develop a budget to support the operations. Yeesh.
  • CTRL (Deluxe) is here! (Rolling Stone). A whole 5 years later, SZA has finally blessed us with a deluxe edition of CTRL. It features 7 new tracks, including a Travis-Scott-free version of “Love Galore”. Happy listening, everyone!

Happy Friday Eve. Love you!



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