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Content Consumed: Kanye, the new Glee doc, and more

Goooood morning! Happy Wednesday.

If you read anything, anything at all today, may I recommend “Hanging Out With the Northern Boys, the UK’s Finest Retiree Rap Act”? Soon you’ll be doubled over laughing too.

Anyways! In today’s edition of Content Consumed
🗯 How do we talk about Kanye—and should we?
💥 My demands for the Glee documentary
🏆 An update on The Voice, which I may start watching

How do we talk about Kanye? *Should* we talk about Kanye?

It’s getting a bit more complex. Between the White Lives Matter t-shirts, the The Shop episode being pulled, the antisemitic rants across social media, and the racist spewage across Fox News, Kanye is a much-talked-about figure these past few weeks.

Motherboard just released leaked footage of what was edited out from Kanye’s interview with Tucker Carlson last week and it’s disturbing.

What Tucker Carlson’s Kanye interview edited out included more antisemitic remarks, conspiracies with the Clintons and Kardashians, and fake children. Let me expand on that last bit:

“I mean, like actors, professional actors, placed into my house to sexualize my kids,” he told Carlson. He referred to the “so-called son” of an associate, seemingly to imply the child was… fake. “We don’t, we didn’t even believe that this person was her son because he was way smarter than her, right?”

Beyond that, Kanye was supposed to appear on The Shop, the YouTube talk show produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. However, the entire episode was cut.

“Kanye was booked weeks ago and, after talking to Kanye directly the day before we taped, I believed he was capable of a respectful discussion and he was ready to address all his recent comments,” a producer said in a statement. “Unfortunately, he used The Shop to reiterate more hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.”

It’s difficult to assess the situation from any lens.

While some say it’s his bipolar disorder causing these thoughts and actions, others say not to use mental illness as an excuse for hateful ideas like antisemitism.

While some say to ignore Kanye and allow him freedom of speech and hope the problem goes away, others say it’s right for tech companies to limit his social media accounts because his platform can be powerful and influential.

While some say to separate the art from the artist, others have chosen to completely cut all association with Kanye’s work.

While some say we should talk about Kanye because it’s important to draw attention to certain issues, others say to let the man have his crisis without further public scrutiny that could push him over the edge.

I wish I had answers.

What I demand from Discovery+’s Glee documentary

Red alert: There will finally be a Glee documentary, and it may be what finally gets me to subscribe to Discovery+. Deadline reports that the doc will have access to key cast and crew members, who will share first-hand stories from 2009-2015 on set.

Here are my demands and my questions in need of answers:

  • All the Lea Michele drama. Every move of bitchiness, every fight with costars, every diva experience she forced upon the cast and crew. Maybe we’ll finally get a definitive answer to the question of her literacy.
  • Every detail of Chris Colfer’s specific hatred of Lea Michele. He already gave us two great quotes this week in reply to the question of when he’d see her on Broadway’s Funny Girl: “Oh. My day suddenly just got so full.” and “I can be triggered at home.” WHAT DID SHE DO TO HIM?
  • Was Matthew Morrison as creepy off-screen as he felt on-screen? My thoughts are… yes.
  • Everything about how Cory Monteith’s late-show death was handled, and whether Lea Michele actually did try to make that show where she and a medium communicated with other dead Glee cast members.
  • Speaking of, was Glee cursed?! Why did half the cast die at an early age?
  • Give me more of the Dianna Agron / Ryan Murphy beef.
  • Do not drag Naya Rivera’s name through the mud under any circumstances.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. This was just fresh off the dome after this morning’s news.

An update on The Voice, which I may start watching

Blake Shelton is leaving, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper are joining, Kelly Clarkson is back, and I assume Adam Levine will never even get a guest appearance.

Is it time to start watching The Voice? I’m only 22 seasons late.

Anyways, the lineup for the 2023 season includes Shelton (his last season), Horan (an underrated One Direction star), Chance (notable wife guy who fell off after Acid Rap), and Clarkson (who has found further fame with her successful talk show).

I’m unsure what Blake Shelton has done with his life other than The Voice lately—oh! Of course! Meeting and marrying the love of his life Gwen Stefani on set; he’s done that. He’s the longest-running judge/coach on The Voice, there since the inception of the first season. What country star will possibly replace him?

Anyways, I’ll probably just be tuning in for sweet, sweet Niall. The Irish bumpkin, the Ellen lookalike, comes full circle by being a judge/coach on a singing competition, like how he was originally discovered on the British X-Factor.

And that’s all for today! Thanks for reading!


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P.P.S. I wrote a longer piece yesterday about the symbolism and practicality of dimming the City of Light’s Eiffel Tower during Europe’s energy crisis. Give it a read!



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