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Content Consumed: May 27

TGI-freakin’-F. Take a break from the chaos this weekend, as much as you can.

In today’s edition of Content Consumed: Tom Cruise propaganda, am I a gamer girl?, Logan Paul’s Dink Doink, the Monaco Grand Prix, and how to run for office.

  • Top Gun and Tom Cruise propaganda (The Atlantic). The hero of the first Top Gun, it could be said, is America. The hero of the sequel? Tom Cruise himself. The Scientologist, thrice-divorced, weird-toothed, do-my-own-stunts, twinkly-eyed American action movie man. This piece deep-dives into the exceptionalism and individualism that have brought Tom Cruise back to our screens in yet another summer action blockbuster.
  • Logan Paul and other influencers are hyping up crypto, despite not really using it (NYT). Allow me to simply copy and paste the opening of this article, and I’m sure your interest will be piqued: “Logan Paul had a message for his six million Twitter followers: He was “all in” on a new cryptocurrency called Dink Doink.” Have I convinced you to read it yet? Dink Doink. That’s all I have to say about that.
  • Who gets to be a gamer girl? (Refinery29). Okay but what about online Catan? I’m a stan for and I won’t apologize for it. Anyways, the question must be asked: are people who don’t game competitively, or choose to play games that don’t have an end objective, real gamers? More importantly: why do we need to assign titles to everything? Please don’t call me a gamer just because I’m aggressively trying to hit level 3000 on Candy Crush on my flight tomorrow.
  • Say it ain’t so! Formula 1 might have outgrown Monaco (ESPN). There’s validity to this common conversation happening around the Circuit de Monaco. The main issue: the track is so narrow and the cars are so big, so overtaking has become nearly impossible. Plus, Monaco can only host so many visitors. Really, there’s a laundry list of issues that the 0.8-square-mile country hanging off a Mediterranean cliffside can’t solve easily. But it’s got heritage, history, and oh so much glamour. It’s the Monaco Grand Prix, for God’s sake!
  • How to run for office (NPR). There are so many great organizations to donate to in the fight for gun control. Or, if you’re of age, run for office against the NRA-backed bastards. I’ve always wondered how to even begin a step into political office, especially for not hyper-connected and not ultra-wealthy folks like you and me. This piece explains it in simple terms step-by-step.

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend, everyone! Love you.



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