Content Strategy in Financial Corporations — An Interview with Lauren Lucchese of Capital One

Lauren Lucchese is the Head of AI Content at Capital One.

What happens when the interface goes away?

Eno from Capital One: Virtual Card Numbers

So much is baked into how and when that data is presented to the person. It’s stellar design and UX COMBINED with data and algorithms that make a product feel smart.

Much of our ability to design meaningful interactions for our customers in these channels requires understanding peoples’ boundaries when it comes to these types of experiences, which is something we explore through different forms of user research.

It’s how we get to a point where we’re designing conversations that embrace the natural language that customers use to communicate with us, and helps us build experiences that get smarter with each interaction.

Virtual Numbers with Eno

“Answer the customer’s question first; ask clarifying questions and/or provide any other additional context second.” This formula helps keep the conversation focused, while also allowing for some interactivity and dynamism to the dialogue where it makes sense.



Conversations on content strategy, content design, content-driven UX, and content’s role in organization’s goals.

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