Wrycan enhances Content Base with intuitive XML authoring solution FontoXML Editor

April 3rd, 2018 — Wrycan is pleased to announce the addition of the FontoXML Editor to our Content Base Platform.

The FontoXML Editor is an intuitive XML authoring suite that allows non-technical users to author/edit structured content without knowledge of XML tagging.

“FontoXML represents a “best-of-breed” solution for round-trip authoring and editing of XML-based content,” said Daniel Reed, Wrycan’s Founder and Managing Director. “We chose FontoXML because it was designed to be XML model agnostic. We work with clients who have legacy content available in standard models like DITA, JATS or DocBook. We also build bespoke models to support custom content. FontoXML handles both scenarios while also delivering a consistent and friendly user-experience to the author. We are excited to add the ability to author and edit structured content to our platform’s content management, publishing, and enrichment capabilities.”

Users of Wrycan’s Content Base Platform will have the ability to author and edit new and existing XML-based content while leveraging the editorial workflow capabilities already available in the platform. Wrycan is currently offering DITA authoring capabilities and will soon announce configurations for JATS and STS formats.

For more information about authoring/editing XML content with Content Base, please visit: http://www.wrycan.com/products/authoring

For this release and other Wrycan announcements, please visit: http://www.wrycan.com/home/press

About the Wrycan, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Wrycan is a Content Engineering company that helps content production and product development work together successfully. Wrycan, Inc. delivers Content Engineering services and technology to publishers and content producers to bridge the gap between content production and digital delivery. Companies building web and mobile platforms leverage our turn-key Content Base platform to deliver content to their customers successfully.

Wrycan is headquartered in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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About FontoXML

FontoXML is an intuitive web-based XML editor that can be used without any XML knowledge or training. XML content is presented in a WYSIWYG-like way, and cursor-and keyboard behavior closely resembles that in general word-processing tools. However, “under the hood,” authors are directly editing XML, which means that the documents they create or edit are always compliant with the XML schema.

FontoXML is headquartered in The Hague (Rijswijk), The Netherlands