Data Insights for Journalists: Perugia International Journalism Festival

We’re delighted to say that we’ll be talking at the Perugia International Journalism Festival this year, taking the stage at Hotel Brufani (Sala Priori) at 11am, Saturday April 8th.

Our Chief Content Officer, Jon Wilks, will be discussing the ways in which editorial analytics have developed over the years, how the industry has been attracted to misleading analytics, and how we have to bring our attention back to analytics developed specifically for editors in order to make progress.

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For those of you that can’t make the event in person, a live stream will be available via the embedded viewer below.

If you’re in Perugia and you’d like to catch up with either Jon himself or another of the Content Insights team, you can reach them here:

Mario Krivokapic / +381693606303
 Twitter: @etipsumopus

Jon Wilks / +447805342391
 Twitter: @jonniewilks

Live stream, from 11am, Saturday April 8th

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