Top 3 most important things when you create native ads

and why and how native advertising works

“Everyone, we’re all precious. No one in the world is worthless.”

How many people do you think will remember these words after a week? Most people won’t, but what if we put it this way?

“Once upon a time, there was a duck family. One of the ducks looked different from the others and was always made fun of. In the end, the duck that looked different from the others left the flock to live on its own. The following year, however, that duck came to realize that it was actually a swan.”

Of course, many people are already familiar with “The Ugly Duckling” the famous story written by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s been passed on and remembered by many people for 174 years.

One of the oldest viral content in the world

This story effectively teaches us that, “No one in this world is worthless.” If this lesson was delivered in a straightforward manner without a touching story, most people may not have paid much attention to it. The reason this lesson was able to leave a deep impression on people was because it was delivered in the form of a story.

People are repulsed by advertisements because they’re designed to persuade them. Storytelling is just what we need to use to talk about products and set ourselves apart from typical advertisements. In this way, we must plant what we need to deliver inside the story, just like a virus.

The most effective way to deliver a story through Facebook is the “multiple photos post.” The Multiple photos post is a type of content that combines short text and images. It has one prominent feature: readers can control the time they spend to view the content.

Different people may be interested in different parts.

The time it takes for each person to read the content may differ. In addition, different people may be interested in different parts. Multiple photos posts are designed to maximize this feature, which is why they attract a high participation rate.

This way of planting the message that we want to deliver can be maximized through multiple photos posts, which contain useful information for the readers.

Story and information: a multiple photos post that offers these two things will let the real story that you want to deliver have stronger impact.

How should your multiple photos posts be created?

Can we just run Photoshop, now that we know that we should include “story and information?”

No. The important thing to consider is not the design of the multiple photos post. We need to think about the message delivered through the post and how to tell our story.

We must consider the following three things. First, we need to decide on a topic that considers our target audience. No matter how good the content is, readers won’t respond to content that isn’t designed for them. Second, we need to create a cover that generates clicks. Even in just one day, a massive amount of content pours out onto the Facebook timeline. We need to compete against this other content for users’ attention so we can attract clicks. Third, we must create content that can hold people’s focus and attention until the end. Participation activities such as likes, comments, and shares are more likely to happen when the users have read the content to the very end.

The above three things are the key points to creating a successful Multiple photos post.

1. How to Decide on a Topic

There are people who are already aware of the topic for the content we’re going to make. Those people are your target audience. No product targets “everybody.” In other words, no product can be loved by everyone. Even within the category of office workers, people may have different interests. The content that draws the attention of workers at the junior level would surely be different from content that attracts workers at the senior level. We need to decide on a target and continuously imagine our persona that will be delivering the content. Furthermore, we need to deliver topics that will interest our specific target.

2. Deciding on an Attractive Title for a Good First Impression

There are many ways to do this, but I’ll introduce one way that is particularly effective: give the readers a clear reason to view this content. Nowadays, people are exposed to a massive amount of information. You need to be able to get the content into the hands of the target, especially if they’ll need it. You need to be clear about the benefits that could be gained from spending the time to read your content. Be clear about the reason why the target should view your post, or specify that the information is useful for a specific situation. 
Even if the users have started to read our multiple photos post by clicking on it, participation activities such as likes, comments, and shares will only happen if they finish reading the post to the very end.

3. Creating Content that Induces Participation

For this, I will also introduce you to just one method. Consider the breath of the readers who are reading your multiple photos post.
A Multiple photos post is created in a form where users can look at images, one by one, like they’re turning pages. Each reader may turn to the next image at a different pace, but it’s useful to imagine that every reader will spend the time it takes to make a single breath to read the content on each page. Consider the span of a breath when forming a multiple photos post.
The best way is to use numbers, as in a listicle. You can control the breath of your readers by developing your story so they can follow the numbers. If you’re creating an informative multiple photos post, try using numbers. It is possible to increase the concentration of readers just by providing information in an organized way.

In the case of a multiple photos post with a story, you need to put a single cut per page. Please put just one cut per page to match the length of one breath by the reader.

“No one came there because there was no phone there.” is too long to be read in a single breath.

It’s better to put, “No one came there,” on one page, and then “because there was no phone there,” on the next page. This will offer a higher sense of immersion for the readers. Always consider the time it takes to take a breath by the reader who is reading the content.

Finally, there is one most important thing to remember when creating a Multiple photos post: do not include things that are irrelevant to the brand. If the content is completely irrelevant to the brand, the readers will only remember the story. We need to plant our brand inside the story that we’re delivering, just like a virus. This is how we can truly make effective use of the multiple photos post.

The Multiple photos post is by no means an all-powerful tool. It is just one of the many tools that we have. Moreover, in the end, it is up to us whether we can make good use of the tools we possess.