Mother. Such a small word but a person who means the world to us.

We often go on expeditions to find love in the world. Someone who would support us, someone who would encourage us, someone who would believe in us.

We go around looking for love while we forget to see how that one person has been giving us all that we are looking for and more. Her love is as unconditional and as selfless as it could get. She was the one who took all the pain-physical and mental- to make us what we are today. She was there when you needed those first drops of milk as an infant and she was there when you couldn’t get through that dream interview.

She was there when your girlfriend left you for someone else and she was there when your father was scolding you for scoring less than the neighbor’s son; smiling, waiting to hug you and take all the pain away.

We often forget what all our mothers do for us and don’t even mention how hard her life is. She’s always on her toes so that you don’t leave the house without having that glass of milk for which you screamed at her for making you late. She forgets about how hurtful you sounded in the morning by the time you get back.


She’ll sit there right beside the door, waiting for the bell to ring. Welcome you with that warm smile that could make you forget the tiresome day you had at work. The food which makes you go back to your childhood for just those few minutes and gives you the taste of life.

And the best part…

You would always be underfed for her. You would always be a little weaker than the last time she said how weak you have become. Mothers are angels that the God has sent for us so we don’t screw up. They are the erasers to rectify our mistakes and they are our guide manuals to the labyrinth called life.

She’s lived our lives with us. She has lent her listening ear when all our friends were tired of our cribbing about our bosses. She never gets tired. She’s never too sick when her children need her. She’s magical.

She’s extraordinary. She’s illuminating. She’s magnanimous. Her wrinkled face makes her even more beautiful and lovable. Her kind words and her big heart are unmatched. She would happily give you that last piece of chocolate cake that she loves.

She would tell you that you aren’t stupid, rather was the examiner who didn’t check your paper right and make you believe that lie. She would sit there all night while you’re studying for your math so you don’t fall asleep. And she does all this every day. Her life revolves around us and we forget to acknowledge how much she’s doing and how little is she asking from us.

A call in a day? A text when you reach home? Teach her how to change display pictures on WhatsApp? Teach her how to find new recipes on YouTube? And we keep scolding her how she doesn’t know how to do these silly tasks. Well, she taught you how to use a toilet. She is way more learned than we could ever be!


“Let us never forget how much a mother is been doing and sacrificing so that we can live a comfortable life…”

This mothers’ day,

don’t give her a gift from a gift shop. She doesn’t want another card that reads you’re The Best Mom in the World or a watch or a bag or a new saaree.

Instead, give her the best gift you could give her — YOUR TIME. She craves for it. She misses how you used to sit with her and do nothing but talk.

Just spend time with her.

Give her the mothers’ day that she wants. She’s beyond our materialistic lifestyles.

She’s different. She’s a piece of art.

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