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Why ContentCory doesn’t schedule or publish posts

This was probably the toughest decision I had to make when deciding upon ContentCory’s functionality at launch. I recognize that it seems easy to be able to plan, publish and schedule posts from one tool. When you get down to the day-to-day details though, it’s a lot less glamorous…

Why reinvent the wheel?

There are already lots of tools out there for users who are searching for a scheduling and publishing tool. ContentCory is a handy hub for all your content and to play with ideas, not for publishing and scheduling.

Consistency: scheduling on Snapchat and Instagram?

Tools like Snapchat and Instagram don’t allow scheduling. This would create a really big inconsistency in the content calendar: some posts would be published, other posts would not.

Publishing experience and functionality on native platforms like Facebook and Twitter will always be superior

Those platforms optimise the publishing usability endlessly for their specific platform. They are at ‘the root’ and decide which functionality other tools can pick up. If they add a new feature, all the other tools have to follow. Native platforms also provide the only post previews you can really thrust.

Try for example uploading a video on Facebook with a scheduling tool. You’ll quickly notice how much more options you have on Facebook and how much better the upload experience is.

In many cases, scheduling content is not a great idea anyway

If you schedule posts, be weary of automatically publishing content at a really wrong moment for your audience. During the recent terrorist attacks there were many brands that ‘forgot’ they had scheduled posts. It goes without saying that posting commercial content at that moment was seen as really insensitive. My tip: before publishing, check the vibe in your community, then hit publish.





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