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First AMA Session with Mick in Contentos Global Community

On the first ask-me-anything session with our co-founder Mick in Contentos Global Community telegram, he responded to questions about a wide variety of topics regarding Contentos roadmap and vision.


  • Mick revealed that Contentos mainchain will be launched on Sept./25/2019.
  • As for partnership, Contentos will focus on great DApp or service and content creators. Mick said that Contentos will have some good partner soon.

Read the full AMA text below. (This AMA has been edited and condensed for clarity.)

  1. Is there a timeline for the ERC20 COS swap to BEP2? Because the ERC20 still trades on Bilaxy.

You can find swap tools from both our side and Binance team! Later I can ask the team members to share the URL here.
As for Bilaxy, I am not worried about it. The spirit of blockchain is openness and transparency, you cannot control it. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a centralized platform which we want to change. Like I’ve said, once the mainnet launched, we will reward creators with their content, that’s the part we truly want to give away a massive amount of COS.

2. Mr.Mick… I am not saying show off but I think you guys are worth billions but are too quiet and nice...Should we need some Justin Sun type approach (not the Tesla one) but..kinda a little brag bound and loud…just sharing my view.pardon my ignorance

I always believe the product value first. If there is no product, PR cannot help too much. I respect Justin since Tron is also pushing hard to build some great services. As for Contentos and COS, I think PR will be enhanced for sure, but it cannot change the priority in my heart :)

3. When will we see COS own chain?

Our mainnet will be launched on Sept./25/2019. Now test-net is under v0.3:

4. Do you have plans to partner with other decentralized blogging platforms? To promote video contents?

That’s the reason why I think TrustWallet design is more user-friendly to regular users. We can talk with any content platform, but the key is they need to fully understand the way that blockchain works, but I am looking forward to finding these type of partners for sure blog still very big.

5. When should we expect the iOS version of Cos2040 game? I am an iOS user and I feel bad not been able to join the battle.

I know someone will ask this!!!! Trust me, COS2048 team is working on it, they are community developer which I cannot force them.

6. Is there any burning program of COS token in the near future? Because of supply are too high.

Not at this moment, but 40% of tokens need to be mined with content creation for the next 12 years, I am sure the supply is less than you think.

7. What are 3 biggest things we should expect for Q3 July to September?

Good question, for Contentos, it’s always user adoption.

8. (Continue from Q8) Noted and what are we doing about it? I understand the basics of going about it but how is Contentos different? Off all the companies, Contentos lives on how we reach the millions?

We focus on the conversion and user adoption, and we really care about content creators and audience, we build a real product for users, not just a Prototype, I believe these are something rarely seen in today’s blockchain space.

9. Why DEX?

DEX actually a good option besides IEO. Please give it try with TrustwWallet DEX experience, that’s the part I think the regular user can understand easily.

10. My question only one, but important for investors.What the next plan for partnership way?

Good question, as for partnership, we focus on (1) great DApps or service, we will have some good partners soon. (2) content creators, we will start inviting more content creators to join the ecosystem.

11. What is immutable Credit System?

When we worked on LiveMe, we found the credit system plays an important role in the content ecosystem, people may upload something really bad and try to toxic others. We try to make sure it’s trackable for everyone's behavior in the system, so we can protect all of us.

12. Any more opportunities to earn COS, in more DApps than now? I am a regular Cheez user but would like to earn more. Also, will we be able to withdraw or exchange our earned BTC?

The key is content creation, most of COS rewards will be distributed after Sept.25/2019 Main net launched, that’s the best way to earn COS.

13. What about the Binance exchange listing? Because Binance runs a community listing program, do you think about your project to list on Binance exchange?

As for listing progress, I cannot disclose too much now. We just listed on DEX 6 hours ago. We will focus on building product as we always did.

Final Remarks

Thanks everyone, love to chat with you. Stay strong, stay safe and stay with Contentos!

-Mick, Co-Founder of Contentos




Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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