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Be Good; Get Rewarded — Contentos Works The Way Life Should

Many of us have been pejoratively told we are idealistic, and it’s probably stung. Established authorities often weaponize the word to put upstarts in their places. Those who benefit from the current digital content system and lack the integrity to better it for others swing that word precisely, like a hammer, to drive down any alternative power structures. The word needs reclamation, however, because idealism is vastly underrated. In fact, maintaining idealism is imperative for growth of both individuals and communities. Idealism is the recognition of the imperfect while striving for perfection.

The idea that only centralized content platforms can be successful and serve creators, users, and advertisers falls apart upon any reasonable examination. That myth only serves centralized, corporate interests while exploiting users, creators, etc. Contentos is building a decentralized digital content ecosystem where participants are rewarded in accordance with their contributions. Positive behaviors are promoted and negative behaviors penalized.

Centralized Systems Don’t Work as Well as They Could for Creators

In an exploitative, centralized system, it makes sense that there is a lot of bad behavior among all parties. If the foundation was built to exploit, why would we expect that poor behavior wouldn’t be rampant? For instance, why are centralized platforms only now ferreting out millions of fake accounts? These poor behaviors are either outright promoted by the system as beneficial or, in the very least, they are tolerated. So in centralized systems we find a lot of hand-wringing from executives when they are called out for their systems’ ethical failings, but very little is done as a remedy.

Stealing and repurposing content without the creator’s permission is out of control within centralized systems. The very moment hopeful creators upload content to centralized platforms, their content is at risk of being co-opted by both the institution itself — that harnesses and sells it as data — and other malicious actors who can repurpose it or steal it outright.

The term “fake news” has become reduced to meaningless jargon. In reality, ubiquitous false news stories are wreaking havoc on our shared social responsibility to be informed citizens. Trust is breaking down because we have no idea who we are really connecting to and doing business with on centralized platforms.

Contrary to what one may assume, centralized systems don’t just tolerate these behaviors; they encourage it. The more users, fake or otherwise, on their platforms, the better. The more clicks, shares, and uploads, the better, regardless of whether such actions include stealing content without attribution to creators, or whether the nature of the content is honest and authentic versus fake and fabricated.

In a centralized corporate system, the only “good” is the bottom line, and the sole “evil” is a decline in corporate earnings. We have to stop pretending that these poor behaviors are products of certain bad actors, but instead see them for what they are — the products of a centralized, corporate system functioning exactly as intended.

Building a System that Encourages and Rewards Good Behavior

Though systems can be set up to exploit and devalue, we wholeheartedly believe a constructive system can be established to uplift and value all participants. Contentos is an ecosystem built to foster honest relationships, treat all parties fairly, and compensate participants according to their contributions.

In the Contentos ecosystem, we value creators and want them to own and control their work. Contentos addresses the issue of copyright by enabling creators to register their creations on the blockchain. This forms a permanent record of creations and allows creators to receive rewards and recognition each time their content is used or repurposed. Additionally, identity authentication of every user is recorded on the public chain, forming a verifiable and transparent record of credibility.

Furthermore, a system of credit will be established for all Contentos users. Token rewards will be given to all users who participate positively. Any violations, verified by the community, will disqualify users from receiving rewards. Rewards will be distributed for content creation, activity, and community operation. Ultimately, users decide the value of content and other user contributions.

Ideals are Great

We don’t shy away from idealism at Contentos. In fact, we are creating a community intended to promote ideal behaviors and reduce harmful ones. We are unafraid of a community with powerful participants who are incentivized to uplift the community. We believe that empowered creators, users, and advertisers will strengthen the entire ecosystem.

In a decentralized system, there is no fear of disrupting the current system. Instead, there is the expectation of constructive change driven by the community. Centralized systems control everything. Decentralized systems offer ownership to community participants.

Idealism is imagining the way one wants the world to be. Contentos is set up to harness the collective imagination to actually create a more perfect world



Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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