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Binance Fiat Event Special: Stake COS and Share 50 million VEST Loan

Dear COSers,

To celebrate the launch of Binance X Contentos: Buy COS Event, we are holding a special VEST loan event to encourage more users to learn about the Contentos mainnet and increase their returns through BP voting. Every user that participates in the Binance X Contentos event and completes a purchase of $COS on Binance and deposits $COS onto the Contentos mainnet will get the opportunity to participate in a special 50 million VEST loan. The Binance X Contentos event will also include global AMAs in Turkey, Poland, Czech & Slovak, and many other regions. Join the AMAs and find out about our plans for the Contentos Metaverse!

The Contentos global community and COS.TV creators have deposited over 420 million $COS on the Contentos mainnet, and we hope that more creators who support blockchain and decentralization will join COS.TV and the Contentos ecosystem!

⭐️ How to Participate in the Event:

  1. Participate in the Binance x COS promotion by buying and trading at least $100 USD worth of $COS
  2. During the event, complete the following steps:
    A. Buy $COS on
    B. Deposit at least 5,000 $COS on the Contentos mainnet: Instructions “Deposit BEP2 COS directly into COS.TV!
    C. Convert at least 5,000 $COS to VEST staking tokens
  3. Complete the following Google form:
  4. The account must not have any mainnet withdrawal requests in the 7 day period before the event (1/15–1/21).
  5. Rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends.

⭐️ Reward Sharing (Please refer to the following step-by-step instructions):

  • Deposited & converted VEST < 1 million $COS → share 10 million VEST loan
  • Deposited & converted VEST ≥ 1 million < 2 million $COS → share 20 million VEST loan
  • Deposited & converted VEST ≥ 2 million < 3 million $COS → share 30 million VEST loan
  • Deposited & converted VEST ≥ 3 million < 4 million $COS → share 40 million VEST loan
  • Deposited & converted VEST ≥ 4 million $COS → share 50 million VEST

​​⭐️ Reward Distribution:

Rewards will be divided and distributed to users’ mainnet wallet according to their proportion of deposited COS that is successfully converted into VEST

⭐️ Loan Period:

1 month (calculated starting from the date of reward issuance to the same day of the following month).

⭐️ Event Period: January 21st — February 2nd

⭐️ Terms and Conditions:

  • After the event, we will divide the loan rewards based on the final amount converted into VEST.
  • Total Reward: 50,000,000 VEST Loan
  • We will announce the winners at the end of the event time
  • Applications that do not meet the above requirements will be disqualified without notice. Applications without valid information will be disqualified without notice. Please note that filling in the wrong MEMO will result in disqualification without notice. Please read the above rules carefully.

*The final interpretation rights of the event belongs to Contentos *



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