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COS.SPACE AMA Session with Contentos Global Community

On March 14th, our CEO Mick Tsai had an AMA session with our Contentos Global community and introduced the COS.SPACE Metaverse and our future goals.

Read the AMA text below.

Hi everyone, it’s great to be speaking with you guys!

I would first like to speak with you guys about what’s next on Contentos’ roadmap and more about the COS-Verse.

Contentos’ metaverse (aka “COS-Verse”) will be our main focus for 2022–2023. The process will be divided into four stages, namely: COS-Land, COS-Home, COS-World, and COS-Verse.

2022/Q2 COS-Land: The Grand Map

  • COSer Homeland project
  • NFT real estate
  • Contentos Mainnet to support Web 3.0 virtual Open ID

2022/Q4 COS-Home: Personalized Home

  • DeFi & virtual property leasing
  • Crosschain Open ID support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana

2023/Q1 COS-World: New Reality

  • Fully functional 3D interactive VR world
  • Contentos NFT asset DEX
  • NFT staking / mortgage

2023/Q3 COS-Verse: A Universe without Boundaries

  • Connect with Meta and other popular metaverses
  • Contentos DAO for property crowd-funding
  • Automated rent revenue distribution

Here are two reasons why you should participate in this new endeavor.

1. User Base: Contentos and COS.TV are products that have already been in the market for years, starting from mid 2018 to today, and have a very stable, steadily increasing worldwide user base that has already been built for years as well. Among these users, some of them are crypto enthusiasts, but most of them are real content creators and audiences, and they are accustomed to use COS as a payment method and were exposed to COS for a long time. This user base will grow even bigger and more creators from other countries will join. Compared with many other similar projects, COS-Verse has a much higher chance to thrive since these users will become the early users for COS-Verse and the first owners / consumers of virtual real-estate.

2. Content: Today, most global web 2.0 users are content audiences, regardless of what type of content they are consuming, video, photo, live streaming, text, etc. Gaming is also a subset of content, but the definition of content can be much wider; for example, it could be the video content which is provided currently by COS.TV, or it could be future VR related content which will be hosted on COS.SPACE. Contentos is a content ecosystem, which is designed to support all types of content creation and distribution. Later once COS.SPACE is released, we can leverage all kinds of content to attract more diverse audiences with diverse interests, with gaming just one of many opportunities for COS-Verse. A much bigger future awaits!

This week, the first step of COS-verse is starting — the Pioneer round of distributing 1x1 land “The SPACE”. Here are some important things you need to know:

  1. In total, only 20,000 1x1 lands will be available, it’s limited and with no additional supply. Each land is a ERC-721 NFT and it can be traded on OpenSea immediately after minting.
  2. 3 different sizes of land are available; there are 1x1 “The SPACE”, 3x3 “The Stage”, and 9x9 “The Stadium”.
  3. Roughly every 45 days, a new round of land minting will be kicked off, and roughly 2,000 new 1x1 land will become available.
  4. The first round of land minting is called the “Pioneer Round”. In this round, there will only be 1x1 land and no 3x3 or 9x9 available. So in total there will be 1,811 1x1 land “The Space” for “Pioneer Round”.
  5. All land NFT will be minted by whitelisted users, NOT the Contentos team, which means whitelisted users will be the very first owner of each land NFT.
  6. In the Pioneer round, there are three ways to qualify for the whitelist:
  • VEST Staking: Own 100,000 VEST on the Contentos mainnet and sign up to join the minting event, then maintain your 100,000 VEST for 14 days to qualify for the whitelisting. A total of 1,011 1x1 SPACE will be available for this group.
  • “First Come First Serve”: Paying 0.1 ETH or an equivalent amount of COS will qualify you for the whitelist, but only 600 1x1 SPACE will be available for this group.
  • Evangelists: This will be for members of the community that contribute the most in getting the word out about COS.SPACE. 200 1x1 SPACE will be available for this group.

SPACE land will play an important role in our future COS-verse product, and I encourage everyone to take a close look at the details on the COS.SPACE website!

Question 1: What are the advantages and benefits for users who own SPACE in early stages?

We believe the 1x1 land or the “SPACE” will be a virtual place where creators and the audience can connect and collaborate with each other in the future. Imagine a Space like today’s “VIP Club” which only allows a creator’s most important Fans to access it. In this VIP club, users can enjoy the most exclusive privileges provided by the creator, and they can also have the most immersive interactions with the creator. For a larger 3x3 “Stage” or 9x9 “Stadium”, the owner of this larger land can not just build a VIP club for their fans and audience, but can also provide a public live show or the sponsorship for a big brand, so you can think of a 9x9 Stadium just like the Staples Center for the LA Lakers. Perhaps we will have Binance or FTX sponsor this type of virtual Stadium in the future.

Remember, land has limited supply, there are only 20,000 of them, which means in the future, when more users join the COS-verse, only those who acquire the land in the early phases will have the way to build the VIP club or virtual stage, and any new user must acquire the land from these early adopters.

Meanwhile, some DeFi products will also be introduced, which will allow landowners to stake the land, or let users rent the land from the landowners. In fact, the first DeFi product we will introduce is a special VEST lending program that is specifically designed for Pioneer Round 1x1 land “SPACE” owners.

Later on COS.TV, a new personal profile page will be released, which will also allow 1x1 SPACE landowners to customize their profile page and support the display of ERC-721 NFT PFP collections in their COS.TV profile picture. This can also be considered a privilege for SPACE owners.

Question 2: When COS.SPACE launches will there be any marketplace to buy and sell lands and NFTs?

In order to make 1x1 SPACE easy to access for anyone, we decided to make the whitelisting and the SPACE NFT standard all based on Ethereum ERC-721. In this case, you can trade the NFT right after minting it on OpenSea or any other popular NFT marketplace. Remember, once you get the chance to access the whitelist, you are the one who will mint the NFT, which means you can decide what to do with the NFT. I strongly advise users to take a look at how SPACE NFTs will work on COS.SPACE in the next few months before trading it, since more product features related to SPACE land will be introduced, and more and more people will join with a limited supply of SPACE.

Meanwhile, inviting your friends to join and helping them understand how the COS-Verse works will also be a good idea since we need more users to join this brand new product!

Question 3: Can anyone join COS.SPACE? Does this require holding or staking a certain amount of tokens?

Only 20,000 lands are available in total, which means not everyone can own a 1x1 SPACE; only early adapters will get the chance. However, when we design and build the future COS-verse in COS.SPACE, we certainly welcome everyone to join. Even without holding land, you can still enjoy many cool features, for example, you can join a virtual live concert in a 9x9 Stadium or join a private exclusive HOME party hosted by a 1x1 Space owner. On the other hand, you will certainly lose lots of privileges that only landowners can enjoy, such as building your own HOME or showing off your NFT PFP collections to the public.

We’d like to see if the Web 3.0 + Metaverse can fundamentally change the world of content creation and consumption, and also reinforce the connection between creators and core fans in virtual space. Based on this goal, we want to invite as many people to join COS.SPACE as possible! Which means lowering the barriers to entry is important.

Question 4: What will COS.SPACE teach us about the metaverse? What do you think will be different from the projects that have their own metaverse?

Lots of people think the Metaverse is a 3D virtual game, but to me, the key is the economic system in the Metaverse, which can create a whole new relationship among people.

A 3D virtual game can issue as many virtual items as they want, so even if you contribute a lot of time to earn a virtual item, the value cannot be guaranteed since the game producer can simply change backend data and issue more similar items. On the other hand, in a Web 3.0 powered Metaverse, every valuable thing is created and stored on the blockchain, which means the effort of creating value in this virtual world can be guaranteed.

That’s why COS.SPACE is starting with the SPACE virtual land distribution event. We’d like to first lay a good foundation for this new world; similar to the real world, land is limited. On top of that, we’d like to build it around content. Our approach is very different compared to any other similar projects such as Decentraland or SandBox because we know the content business and we know that in today’s content landscape, the relationship between creators and their fans are very important and valuable. OnlyFans or Patreon use a Web 2.0 way to connect creators and paid users/audience. The new virtual world can strongly enhance the creators-fans experience, letting them in a virtual VIP club where they can have a more immersive experience.

Meanwhile, the 3x3 Stage and 9x9 Stadium will become two great virtual places to host any content event such as a live concert, new product release or any other special event (maybe a virtual wedding?). All these types of events will be great moments to be recorded and become video content which can then be shared on COS.TV/COS.SPACE (in the real world, when you go to a live concert, you definitely take your smartphone and take lots of photos/videos, then post to social media, right?). Living in the COS-verse will become a non-stop content creation / consumption experience, and it will be a groundbreaking experience compared to any Web 2.0 content platform or any other Metaverse which only provides simple virtual gaming.

Question 5: Can regular videos be displayed on COS.SPACE? How much will COS charge for minting an NFT and how much does SPACE cost?

COS.SPACE is a Web 3.0 product that will host the COS-Verse. Today, our first mission is to distribute the COS-land, which is open to the public now (You should check it out right now at COS.SPACE). In the future, we believe it will be transformed into a virtual space where everyone can have an immersive content experience. Video content will just be one of the content types on COS.SPACE, and other types of content will also be available in this virtual space. Imagine a 3D virtual space, where you jump into the virtual HOME you built on top of your own 1x1 SPACE land. In your HOME, you can invite friends to step in and enjoy your latest VLOG or a new song. Later, you and your friends can walk to the 9x9 Stadium where an Ariana Grande live concert sponsored by Binance is performing. You can record great moments during this concert then make it into a new video and publish it to your COS.TV account. Your life in the COS-verse will become a nonstop experience!

For the second question, in fact, we don’t charge fees for minting the NFT. If you are qualified, you will earn the right in the whitelist to mint the NFT yourself! The cost will just depend on Ethereum Gas fees, and you will be the owner of your NFT!

There will be no additional charges for SPACE. I think NFTs should grant privileges in an ecosystem; if you own the NFT (in our case, the 1x1 SPACE), you are a VIP and should have more privileges in this ecosystem.



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