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COS.SPACE Round 1 Evangelists COS.TV Campaign (50 SPACE NFTs)


Get a chance to get whitelisted for COS.SPACE Round 1 by participating in our COS Evangelists COS.TV campaign. We will be giving out 50 whitelists to our top COS Evangelists!

COS.SPACE is the NFT real estate in the Contentos ecosystem, and will also be a hub connected to other Web 3.0 content platforms. Each SPACE is a unique NFT (ERC-721) on Ethereum, and users can purchase SPACE to build their personal collections and creative exhibits.

Claim your SPACE and be the first to explore the COS-Verse!

Visit COS.SPACE for more details!

Campaign Schedule

May 2, 12:00:00 UTC+0 until May 12, 23:59 UTC+0

  1. Video upload start date: 5/2, 12:00:00 UTC+0
  2. Video upload end date: 5/12, 23:59 UTC+0
  3. Whitelist winner announcement: 5/16

Campaign Rules

To join the whitelist campaign,

  1. Create a video about COS.SPACE and upload it on COS.TV using the hashtag #COSSPACE during the campaign period. The video must be about COS.SPACE and it must be an original work of yours and be longer than 1 minute. The title of the video must have #COSSPACE to qualify. Adding the #COSSPACE in the title of videos that were uploaded in the past is not allowed. Those who commit this action will be disqualified.
  2. Submit the following Google form with your COS.TV video link, COS.TV mainnet account, and your ETH address to receive the whitelist.

Google form:

Campaign Reward

50 COSers will receive a whitelist spot to mint a COS.SPACE NFT for free. Users will only need to pay for the gas fee to mint the SPACE NFT. SPACE NFT holders will be eligible to participate in future VEST loan campaigns.

Reward Categories

  1. (25 SPACEs) First video uploaded on COS.TV: New users who upload their first video ever on COS.TV during the campaign period and meet the above requirements will qualify for a whitelist. First come first serve!
    Note: The channel must actually upload a video for the first time on the platform to qualify. If there are any previously uploaded videos on the channel or if a previous COS.TV creator opens a new channel and uploads a video, that person will not be considered for this prize.
  2. (15 SPACEs) Most viewed videos: The top 15 most viewed videos will qualify for a whitelist. Share the video in your social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram) and tag us, so you can have more chances of winning as more people will see your content!
  3. (10 SPACEs) Most liked videos: The top 10 most liked videos will qualify for a whitelist.

Terms and Conditions

  1. If any participation is found to be falsely boosted, through any malicious means, they will be disqualified from the campaign without prior notice.
  2. Any video that commits copyright infringement will be reported and investigated. COS.TV reserves the right to turn down any video and account guilty of this.
  3. By placing “#COSSPACE” in the title of the video, the creators of the video grant permission for Contentos to edit the video and post it on Contentos’ social networks.
  4. A video is only eligible for one SPACE whitelist. It cannot qualify for multiple rewards.


  • An ETH address is only eligible for one SPACE per List. Each COS.TV account can only be bound to one ETH address. No changes will be allowed.
  • Whitelisted accounts will be able to mint their SPACE starting May 18, 2022, 4:00:00 AM UTC until July 15. The whitelisted SPACE will not be reserved thereafter and is not refundable.
  • The users will need to pay for the gas fee to mint the SPACE NFT.
  • The coordinates (location) of the SPACE is determined by token id, which will be randomly allocated during the minting process.
  • The whitelisting rules and exact schedules are subject to changes by the Contentos team.



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