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COS.SPACE Round 2 Evangelists Whitelist (50 SPACE NFTs)


Get a chance to get whitelisted for COS.SPACE Round 2 by participating in our COS Evangelists campaign. We will be giving out 50 whitelists!

COS.SPACE is the NFT real estate in the Contentos ecosystem, and will also be a hub connected to other Web 3.0 content platforms. Each SPACE is a unique NFT (ERC-721) on Ethereum, and users can purchase SPACE to build their personal collections and creative exhibits.

Claim your SPACE and be the first to explore the COS-Verse!

Visit COS.SPACE for more details!

Campaign Schedule

  1. Google form submission start date: 7/8, 12:00:00 UTC+0
  2. Google form submission end date: 7/20, 23:59 UTC+0
  3. Whitelist winner announcement: 7/22

Campaign Rules

To join the whitelist campaign,

  1. Have a COS.TV account.
  2. Hold supported project NFT.
  3. Go to and bind Ethereum wallet holding the supported project NFT to COS.TV account.
  4. Submit the following Google form with your COS.TV UID and your ETH address to get a chance to win one of 50 whitelists.

Google form:

Currently supported NFT projects

  1. Meta COSer Club
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  3. We Are All Going to Die
  4. ShitBeast
  6. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  7. CryptoPunks
  8. Moonbirds
  10. CLONE X
  12. Azuki
  13. Forever Fomo Duck Squad
  14. GalaXY Kats
  15. Demi-Human NFT
  16. ZombieClub Token
  17. Phanta Bear

Campaign Reward

50 participants will be chosen for a whitelist spot to mint a COS.SPACE NFT for free. Users will only need to pay for the gas fee to mint the SPACE NFT.


  • An ETH address is only eligible for one SPACE per List. Each COS.TV account can only be bound to one ETH address. No changes will be allowed.
  • Whitelisted accounts will be able to mint their SPACE starting Jul 23, 2022, 4:00:00 AM UTC until August 31. The whitelisted SPACE will not be reserved thereafter and is not refundable.
  • The users will need to pay for the gas fee to mint the SPACE NFT.
  • The coordinates (location) of the SPACE is determined by token id, which will be randomly allocated during the minting process.
  • The whitelisting rules and exact schedules are subject to changes by the Contentos team.



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