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COS.SPACE Whitelisting Guide (Pioneer Round)

Dear COSers,

COS.SPACE is launching soon! We would like to give Whitelist privileges to COS Hodlers to reward your contribution to the Contentos Ecosystem. Join Contentos BP Voting now to earn both BP Voting rewards and a chance to participate in the COS.SPACE whitelist. First come first serve!

COS.SPACE is the NFT real estate in the Contentos ecosystem, and will also be a hub connected to other Web 3.0 content platforms. Each SPACE is a unique and non-fungible NFT (ERC-721) on the Ethereum network, and users can purchase SPACE to build personal collections and creative exhibits.

Claim your own SPACE and be the first few pioneers to explore the COS-Verse!

Visit COS.SPACE for more details!

Pioneer Round Whitelisting Guide (1,811 SPACEs to be claimed)

*The whitelist results of the pioneer round will be announced no later than March 31*

Method 1: COS HODLers (1,011 SPACEs)

  1. Visit qualification page on COS.TV at
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet that you will use to sign up for the whitelisting before March 14, 23:59:59 UTC
  3. Hold at least 100,000 VEST from March 15 to 29 (daily snapshots will be taken). Please note that delegated/borrowed VEST will not be counted.
  4. Maintain your VEST holdings in the top 1,011 among participating users. (The VEST amount will be calculated as the average of daily snapshots from March 15 to 29)
  5. The qualification results will be announced on March 29. Qualified users must visit the qualification page ( and agree to the terms and conditions before March 30, 23:59:59 UTC to complete the whitelisting process.

We will soon announce a special event for COS Hodlers with SPACES. Stay tuned!

Method 2: “First Come First Serve” (600 SPACEs)

  1. Starting March 15, 00:00:00 UTC until March 29, 23:59:59 UTC, the first 600 unique addresses to transfer a certain amount of ETH or COS (ERC-20) to the designated wallet address will be entered into the whitelist.
  2. Duplicate transactions, insufficient transactions, or transfer of tokens other than ETH or COS (ERC-20) will not be refunded. Please check the transaction history of the recipient address on Etherscan before transferring ETH. For transfers later than the 600th transaction, only the ones received within 2 hours will be refunded.
  3. Below information will be announced on March 14. Please be cautious of potential scams.
  • Amount of ETH: To be announced
  • Amount of COS (ERC-20): To be announced
  • Designated recipient address: To be announced

Method 3: Evangelists (200 SPACEs)

Coming soon! Follow Contentos Official Twitter for updates!


  • An ETH address is only eligible for one SPACE per List. Each COS.TV account can only be bound to one ETH address. No changes will be allowed.
  • Whitelisted pioneers will be able to mint their SPACE starting April 1, 04:00:00 UTC until May 31. The whitelisted SPACE will not be reserved thereafter and is not refundable.
  • The users will need to pay for the gas fee to mint the SPACE NFT.
  • The coordinates (location) of the SPACE is determined by token id, which will be randomly allocated during the minting process.
  • The whitelisting rules and exact schedules are subject to changes by the Contentos team.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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