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COS Token Burning #6 Announcement

Dear COSers,

Happy New Year!

Following our long-term burning plan for COS tokens, we will conduct our 6th token burning tomorrow, January 1st, 2022.

Token amount to be burned: 22,995,978

Token burning date: January 1st, 2022

Source of profit: Q4 2021 VEST Loan Bidding Fees, Video NFT Minting Fees, COS.TV Ad Revenue, COS.TV Gifting Votes Revenue, Fans-Only Content Revenue

Total COS token supply after burning: 9,934,268,041.6

In 2021, we burned a total of 65,731,958.40 COS tokens collected from VEST Loans and COS.TV services, and reduced the circulating supply of COS tokens by 1.8%. This is just the beginning, and in 2022 we will achieve even greater things with the help of our global community members.

Token burnings will occur quarterly as the Contentos Foundation continues to receive income from VEST lending and more upcoming activities. We look forward to boosting the value of the Contentos ecosystem with our active community participants.

We will update the post once the burn transaction takes place.


*The next token burning event will be conducted at the end of Q1 2022.*



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