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COS.TV 3rd Anniversary NFT Rewards Event


We would like to thank all of you for celebrating the 3rd anniversary of COS.TV with us! On our 3rd anniversary, we still remain true to our original vision, and we are continuing to bring more exciting developments to our users, constantly expanding the scope of Contentos.

One new feature that we are excited to announce is the NFT profile picture function, which will allow you to display your NFT as a profile picture on COS.TV. This will expand the applications of NFTs beyond trading and collecting and open up the possibility for more use cases in the future.

We believe that this new feature will bring us closer to our goal of creating a Metaverse. Contentos is constantly thinking of ways to provide more value to the Contentos global ecosystem and our community, and we look forward to celebrating more exciting anniversaries in the future with our supporters!

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary and the new NFT profile picture feature to be launched at the end of June, we have prepared an NFT profile picture rewards event for our creators.

Event Schedule:

  1. 6/20, 12:00:00 UTC+0 Start of video creation competition
  2. 6/26, 23:59 UTC+0 Competition end date
  3. 6/27, Winner announcement; NFT rewards will be distributed using a blind box method

Winners List:

Event Rules:

  1. Create an original COS.TV event video according to the following video requirements.
  2. Upload the video on your COS.TV personal channel.
  3. Share the video on Twitter or Facebook (choose 1 of the 2 platforms) using the hashtags #ContentosNFTpioneer #HappyCOSTV3rd and tag 3 friends.
  4. Submit the following Google form:

Video Content Requirements:

Choose from one of the following video themes:

  • COS.TV 3rd Anniversary
  • Web3.0, Metaverse, NFT, Technology
  • Creating Pixel Art (

Video Rules:

  1. The video must be an original creation and must not violate any copyrights. Video must not contain any violence or adult content.
  2. Video must be at least 3 minutes long.
  3. Video title must include the hashtag: #Happy3rdAnnivNFT.
  4. Video description must contain the following information:
  • “Ethereum wallet to receive NFT: (ETH wallet address)”
  • Introduction of video content

Event Rewards:

  1. The top 20 creators that receive the most points for their videos will receive COS.TV Exclusive NFT Profile Picture Collection NFTs (NFT Profile Pictures will be distributed using a blind box method).
  2. 600,000 Gifting Votes Rewards: The Contentos team will select 30 videos based on video content, quality, number of likes, and number of Gifting Votes. The 30 creators of the videos will receive 20,000 Gifting Votes each.

How to Earn Points for Your Video:

  1. 1 Gifting Vote = + 5 points
  2. 1 like (From COS.TV User) = + 1 point
  3. 1 like (From COS.SPACE NFT Holder) = + 10 points

Note on COS.TV User and COS.SPACE Holder

  • COS.TV User: A user with at least 1 video uploaded on their personal channel and at least 10 VEST held in their account
  • COS.SPACE NFT Holder: A user who has a COS.SPACE NFT from the Pioneer round or 1st round of COS.SPACE whitelisting

How to Display NFT Profile Pictures on COS.TV:

Users who participate in this event and receive the exclusive NFT Profile Pictures are required to meet the following requirements in order to display this NFT PFP on COS.TV:

  2. Have a COS.TV account
  3. Bind Ethereum wallet holding the COS.SPACE NFT to COS.TV account (to be available on June 30)
  • If you do not have a COS.SPACE NFT, you can participate in the 2nd round of COS.SPACE whitelisting and receive a COS.SPACE NFT or you can purchase a COS.SPACE NFT on Opensea.

Introduction of COS.TV NFT Profile Picture Collection:

  1. This is the first release of the COS.TV NFT Profile Picture Collection.
  2. The NFTs will be minted on Opensea by the Contentos team.
  3. All NFT minting costs will be covered by the Contentos team.
  4. The NFTs have benefits that will still apply when the NFTs are transferred or sold.
  5. The NFTs can be displayed as a profile picture on COS.TV.
  6. NFT holders will have benefits when participating in Round 2 of COS.SPACE whitelisting.
  7. NFT holders will have benefits in future VEST lending activities.
  8. NFT holders will have benefits in future airdrop rewards from NFT projects that cooperate with COS.TV.
  9. NFT holders will have benefits in future COS.TV events.

*Contentos reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the contents of this event at any time. Updated event information will be posted without prior notice. The final interpretation rights for this event belongs to Contentos.*



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