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COS.TV — Contentos Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Dailymotion

We are very excited to announce the partnership between COS.TV, our video platform built on the Contentos blockchain, and the world’s second largest online video content platform, Dailymotion, a video discovery platform that commands a global audience of 300 million users.

COS.TV will be using Dailymotion’s video player technology as well as its premium video content catalog to enrich its content offerings over multiple different categories (e.g. sports, news, fashion, etc. across multiple countries like the United States, Latin America, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Korea, Vietnam, and China etc.).

Contentos is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for content creators and their communities; where true value is realized through collaboration.

Establishing a partnership between COS.TV and a major conglomerate with millions of users like Dailymotion will accelerate the education process and adoption of blockchain technology for daily viewers. Engaging functions on COS.TV such as mini games and BP staking will allow users to experience the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and how blockchain technology works.

COS.TV is an ecosystem that brings content creators and viewers together to engage with each other and rewarding them in a fair and transparent manner, based on the value created from the interaction. Utilizing Contentos blockchain technology, content creators uploading their content can be rewarded either based on views and likes generated by VEST holders or by Gifting Votes, which are donated to content creators directly by viewers.

Dailymotion is headquartered in Paris, with their users mainly coming from the United States, France, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, and APAC regions.

Dailymotion’s parent company, Vivendi (Vivendi, Euronext Paris: VIV), is the world’s second largest media group, second only to WarnerMedia. Vivendi also owns the world leader in music Universal Music Group, the French TV channel and movie producer Canal+ Group, book publisher Editis, communication company Havas and video game company Gameloft. Dailymotion’s media content partner groups include BBC News, VICE, Bloomberg and Hearst Digital Media.

“We are honored to have this opportunity for collaboration with Dailymotion. This partnership has allowed us to broaden the variety of content to our existing audiences and broaden our reach to new audiences. More importantly, this partnership has further closed the gap between mainstream media partners and blockchain companies”, said Mick Tsai, CEO & Co-Founder of Contentos.

“We are proud to distribute our large catalog of premium video content to a large number of publishers, which now includes COS.TV. Thanks to this partnership, the platform will benefit from our partners’ video content, while Dailymotion will reach new audiences”, said David Rozencwajg, Head of Dailymotion’s Publisher Program.

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Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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