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COS.TV NFT Profile Picture Guide

How to display your NFT Profile Picture (PFP):

COS.TV users are required to meet the following requirements in order to display NFT PFP on COS.TV:

  1. Hold COS.SPACE NFT.
    (Users can participate in the 2nd round of COS.SPACE whitelisting and receive a COS.SPACE NFT or they can purchase a COS.SPACE NFT on Opensea.)
  2. Have a COS.TV account.
  3. Go to and bind Ethereum wallet holding the COS.SPACE NFT to COS.TV account
  4. Hold supported project NFT.
    (The NFT can be in a different ETH account than the COS.SPACE NFT but both addresses must be added to the COS.TV account.)
  5. Set supported NFT as profile picture at

Currently supported NFT projects:

  1. Meta COSer Club
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  3. We Are All Going to Die
  4. ShitBeast
  6. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  7. CryptoPunks
  8. Moonbirds
  10. CLONE X
  12. Azuki
  13. Forever Fomo Duck Squad
  14. GalaXY Kats
  15. Demi-Human NFT
  16. ZombieClub Token
  17. Phanta Bear


#1 Adding Ethereum Account

  1. Visit and click ADD.

2. Select WalletConnect or MetaMask. (WalletConnect will be used for this example)

3. Scan the QR code with a wallet app that supports WalletConnect. (Trust Wallet is used for this example)

4. After scanning and connecting, the wallet address will be displayed on the webpage.

5. After confirming, click NEXT. The wallet App will provide the signature confirmation. Click confirm in the App.

6. After verification, the ETH account will be added. (if the COS.SPACE NFT and the PFP NFT are in different ETH accounts, repeat the steps to add both ETH accounts.)

#2 Selecting NFT PFP

  1. Visit or go to NFT profile picture in the Personal Center.

If there is no ETH account bound, or there is no COS.SPACE NFT in the bound ETH account, you will receive a prompt saying that the function cannot be used.

2. If there is no supported NFT PFP in the bound ETH account, no NFTs will be shown.

3. From the listed NFTs, select the NFT you want to use as your PFP, and click SELECT.

4. Your NFT will now show up as your profile picture! You can select another image, or click UNSELECT to switch back to your non NFT profile picture. (When using NFT PFPs, you cannot upload a new PFP image in the personal center. You must UNSELECT the NFT PFP first.)

Additional Notes:

  • When using NFT PFP, if you delete the ETH account holding the COS.SPACE NFT, your profile picture will automatically switch back to the previous non NFT PFP that you uploaded.
  • When using NFT PFP, the system will regularly check your NFT holding status. If the NFT is transferred out of your account, the profile picture will automatically switch back to the previous non NFT PFP that you uploaded.



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