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COSUnited PFP NFT Event Phase 2: Collect NFTs & Win from 10,000,000 VEST Delegation Reward Pool


We are excited to announce “COSUnited”, our exclusive 2022 World Cup PFP NFT collection. Cheer and support your favorite teams and players, while winning from a prize pool of 10 million VEST Delegations!

COSUnited is an original collection of 200 PFP NFTs created by the COS.TV Brazil Community, supported by Contentos and designed by COS.TV original creator, Ilustrando Seu Dia. The collection features digital artwork portraying football players from 13 country teams that are participating in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

COSers that hold COSUnited PFP NFTs can win rewards in the following three events. All COSUnited holders will automatically be entered into all three events.

  1. For every PFP NFT from the World Cup 2022 Champion team that a user owns, the user will receive 50,000 VEST Delegations (for a period of 30 days). There is no maximum limit to the total amount of VEST Delegations each participant can receive.
  2. Users that own the most PFP NFTs from the World Cup 2022 Champion team will get extra rewards:

#1: 1,500,000 VEST Delegations (for a period of 30 days)

#2: 500,000 VEST Delegations (for a period of 30 days)

#3: 100,000 VEST Delegations (for a period of 30 days)


  • If two users have the same number of PFP NFTs, they will split the remaining prize pools.
  • Example: If two users are ranked #2, then these two users will equally split the 500,000 VEST Delegations (reward for #2 ranking) + 100,000 VEST Delegations (reward for #3 ranking).

All users that successfully collect 2 or more PFP NFTs of players of different positions from the same country team, will equally split 5,000,000 VEST Delegations (for a period of 30 days).

Users that have collected Golden PFP NFTs will get special benefits and rewards in future events. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

  • Collect PFP NFTs: 10:00 12/5–10:00 12/12 (UTC+0)
  • Winner announcement: before 12/19
  • Reward distribution: before 12/23
  • The COS.TV Brazil community and Contentos reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the contents of this event at any time. Updated event information will be posted without prior notice. The final interpretation rights for this event belongs to the COS.TV Brazil community and Contentos.
  • Only one entry per event per user will be allowed. Users participating using multiple COS.TV accounts will be disqualified without prior notice.

Event updates will be announced on official Contentos groups and channels.



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