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Creativity pays off! Contentos x PhotoGrid Brazil event ends successfully

Wrapping up our exclusive in-app event in Brazil with amazing results

The groundbreaking Contentos and PhotoGrid Brazil-exclusive rewards campaign have successfully concluded with the top 10 winners already enjoying their rewards from the 300k COS reward pool. And we have all of you to thank for the amazing turnout!

posts by Laaizab

Massive congratulations to Laiza Bastos AKA @Laaizab for taking home the most rewards with total earnings of more than 15K COS. In an earlier interview, Laiza said:

“I already use PhotoGrid regularly because it has amazing filters, and I think it is incredibly gratifying to be able to earn money directly from my posts.” Laiza added, “It’s really fun and similar to influencer marketing and within five days, I’ve already gathered hundreds of new fans.”

The campaign, which ran for almost 2 weeks (from 21 July to 4 August 2019), generated almost 18k posts from more than 4k users and opened new opportunities for users who were not previously influencers.

Posts by Fran Araújo

Active PhotoGrid user, Fran Araújo (@FranAraujjo) won first place in terms of generating the most likes just from one post on the first day of the campaign.

“I have been using PhotoGrid for a long time now and I saw I could earn money from my posts, so I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the picture I posted on the first day of the campaign day received the most likes,” says Araújo. “…I’m definitely looking forward to more social networks integrating features like this,”

added Araújo, as she was able to earn about R$400 from her one post on the first day of the campaign.

This exclusive rewards campaign in Brazil was well-received both by both established influencers and regular social media users who are now able to monetize the content they share. With Brazil being home to PhotoGrid’s largest user base, this campaign also spurred media attention from some of the most popular news sites in Brazil like Yahoo! Finance, Cointeleraph, and Canaltech, just to name a few.

Results-wise, the promotion has driven an overall increase in all performance metrics from sign-ups and user activities. Here’s a quick snapshot of the successful Contentos x PhotoGrid partnership campaign in Brazil:

● The number of daily active users in Brazil alone saw an increase of 135% for the duration of the campaign (from 5k~ to nearly 13.5k daily active users. The daily number of creators also gained 191% increase as well.● The number of daily posts has also grown by 224%, with users giving out almost 10k likes per day at its peak.● The campaign also helped increase user sign-ups in Brazil, growing new users count to 89%.● This campaign also saw the rise of people earning PG points to an increase of 22%● This event also stimulated donations with a total of 43 users donating to 140 users. Special shout out to @JhennyKraw for giving the most donations!

The Contentos’ integration with PhotoGrid furthers our aim of a globally-distributed content incentive and distribution system, utilizing blockchain-distributed storage capabilities. As demonstrated by the results of this event, the expansion enables content creators and users alike to earn revenue without depending on centralized platforms with unclear and less equitable methods for compensating creators. Additionally, the campaign enhanced account binding by up to 10%, helping enrich the overall Contentos ecosystem.

What’s next?

Contentos cofounder Mick Tsai shared from a recent post that this is merely an initial step towards a global content creation mining system. Whether it’s on PhotoGrid, COS.TV, COS2048, WalkCoin, or any DApps that will be integrated on Contentos, stay tuned as we make sure that high-quality content creation can truly be a rewarding shared experience.

Again, we had an amazing time seeing everyone’s creativity and hard work pay off. We look forward to your participation in more campaigns in the near future and for your continued support of Contentos.

NOTE: Users who are paid out in COS tokens will be able to transfer them and trade the tokens on Binance DEX. Now that the two-week campaign period has ended, users will still be able to earn and convert their PhotoGrid points into COS tokens.

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Contentos is a public-chain project for the global digital content industry. With blockchain technology, Contentos focuses on solving the challenges of today’s centralized content platform, including content distribution, content monetization, property rights confirmation and property management, etc. Contentos is committed to empowering creators so that they can generate reasonable revenue through the creation and promote effective collaboration with advertisers, fans and other creators, so that the overall ecology is enhanced by the positive contributions of users.



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