DApp Development on Contentos Chain at SF Game Oasis Hackathon

Indian team Byte Karma won the Best Game Award and $1500 USD worth of COS.

Nov 1 · 5 min read

SF Game Oasis Hackathon was held on October 27, attracting over 500 developers (online and offline) to the event. 21 teams developed the demo version of DApps successfully after receiving guidance and the attending workshop hosted by ContentosBinance LabsMatic NetworkCocos-BCXCeler Network.

(Photo of team Byte Karma)

DeSportivos, the blockchain game build on top of Contentos public chain by team Byte Karma, won the Best Game Award and $1500 USD provided by Contentos. The game is a platform combined with sports video watching, quick quiz, token staking, and the trendy sports games. Users can bet and play 1 on 1 match of trendy sports game such as cricket, football, etc. to earn COS token. Since the game is built on top of Contentos smart contract, its decentralized and immutable feature certainly increases the credibility of the game. Last but not least, the ease of playing DeSportivos game relates to the great progress of Blockchain application onto games.

(photo of sport video on DeSportivos)
(photo of the cricket game on DeSportivos)

Jesse, the Chief Architect of Contentos, showcased the advantage and the unique properties of Contentos public blockchain to the attendees. Also, he introduced how to develop DApps on top of Contentos public chain.

Contentos aims to build an inclusive global decentralized intellectual property content ecosystem by providing a user-friendly open platform where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyrights, distributed, and transacted. DApp and game developers are also one of the important creators that can be a benefit to the large user base and Contentos ecosystem. The high performance, stability and the abundance of development supporting documents and codes make Contentos public chain easy to be adopted and popular with the participants.

The reason why Contentos has the advantage is due to the consensus of saBFT build by Contentos team. It generates blocks in the same manner of DPoS and adopts BFTto achieve fast block confirmation. It’s self-adaptive in a way that it can adjust the frequency of BFT process based on the load of the blockchain and network traffic. saBFT’s block producing process and BFT process are completely decoupled. i.e. validator can generate blocks despite the state of the BFT process, which greatly improves the efficiency of block production and verification.

Another significant difference is that the BFT process doesn’t have to reach consensus on every block. It can be adjusted by SABFT automatically according to the network condition and load of the Contentos chain. The innovation of consensus protocol allows the throughput of testnet reach 5000+TPS and has been proved that Contentos chain can support mass adoption load.

It is worth mentioning that team Byte Karma is formed by young talents with great Hackathon experience. Though they are only 20+, Kalyan, PiYuSh and Jaspreet had already participated in 4 hackathons before and 2 years of blockchain development experience. This is the first time they’ve won the first prize.

Kalyan says ”The advantage of Contentos chain is that the smart contracts are written in C++ language. It’s easy to understand to the developers who have experience in DApps development of EOS and other public chains.Developers no need to learn other languages.”

The smart contracts of Contentos run on WASM, which is adopted by EOS, Ethereum2.0, etc. In other words, it’s the trend of future blockchain development. High TPS, fast verification, and complete document and contract examples are the key reasons that developers choose Contentos chain.

Last but not least, the name “Contentos” makes them think of the word “content” when they design the quick quiz DApp DeSportivos. Realizing Contentos global decentralized intellectual property ecosystem including COS.TV, PhotoGrid, LiveMe, etc. and over 60M MAU, they decided to use Contentos chain for development.

Until now, Contentos has already launched a promotion campaign of Harmony Puzzle and MixMarvel HyperSnakes. COS.TV also upload trendy news of blockchain to bridge the gap of blockchain and the general public.

( the demo of DApp DeSportivos )

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Contentos is a public-chain project for the global digital content industry. With blockchain technology, Contentos focuses on solving the challenges of today’s centralized content platform, including content distribution, content monetization, property rights confirmation and property management, etc. Contentos is committed to empowering creators so that they can generate reasonable revenue through the creation and promote effective collaboration with advertisers, fans and other creators, so that the overall ecology is enhanced by the positive contributions of users.


Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.


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Revolutionary blockchain-based global content ecosystem where the rights and value will be returned to users. https://www.contentos.io/



Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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