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DLive x COS Carnival Weekend, Enjoy the Gameplay on DLive and COS.TV, Earn $1500 in Prizes!

Dear COSers,

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with DLive to celebrate Carnival Weekend! DLive is a decentralized livestreaming platform whose mission is to empower creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system.

On #DLivexCOSCarnivalWeekend, everyone can enjoy gameplay with the chance to win prizes worth $1,500! Each day will have a different game theme where you can stream the designated game on DLive, then upload your gaming videos to COS.TV.

I. How to Participate

Game for each day:

2/19, 0:01 AM — 23:59 PM PST:

2/20, 0:01 AM — 23:59 PM PST:

2/21, 0:01 AM — 23:59 PM PST: A game of your choosing


Step 1, on DLive

Step 2, on COS.TV

  • Upload the stream clips or highlights with high scores to COS.TV before February 22.
  • Put hashtag in title #DLivexCOSCarnivalWeekend.

Step 3, Submissions

II. DLive x COS.TV Prizes:

  1. The top 5 entries with the highest scores for Flappy Bird and Slither will be rewarded:
  • 1st: $200 (gift card of choice) eg, apple, amazon, or steam
  • 2nd: $100 (gift card of choice)
  • 3–5th: $50 (gift card of choice)
  • On the last day, for the game of your choosing, we will have a lucky draw to choose winners.

2. Random airdrops to participants during the livestreaming on DLive & in the videos on COS.TV.

III. Terms and Policies

  1. Winners will be announced on February 25 on COS.TV and DLive communities, and the rewards will be distributed before March 5.
  2. Each user can participate in one or more games. Each user can only win one prize at most for each game.
  3. Submissions that are not completed on the designated date will be disqualified without notice. Submissions that do not meet the event requirements will be disqualified without notice.
  4. If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to join DLive and COS.TV community. Our admins will be there for you!








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