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Enter Web3 : COS.TV NFT Profile Pictures

For the 3rd anniversary of COS.TV, we are excited to announce the launch of our new NFT profile picture (PFP) function, which will allow users to display their NFTs as profile pictures on COS.TV.

NFT PFP on COS.TV will allow creators to link their identities across platforms and provide them with access to the new world of Web3 and the metaverse. As the space develops, there will be many more use cases for NFT PFP that will play a key role in the creator economy on COS.TV.

Using NFTs as profile pictures on social media platforms to represent online identity is one of the most basic, yet important use cases for NFTs. More time is spent on the internet than ever before and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of people working, playing, and creating in an online world or the “metaverse.”

As online life becomes a more significant part of people’s lives, one’s online identity grows in importance. By linking online identities with NFT profiles, people will be able to prove ownership of their accounts over multiple platforms, preventing fake accounts and consolidating accounts into one identity. We believe the launch of NFT PFP is a logical next step in linking Web3 and the creator economy, given that even major centralized social media platforms have also recently announced their plans to allow users to display their NFTs as profile pictures.

An exciting initial use case for NFT PFP on COS.TV is the inclusion of global NFT projects through our whitelisting program. To ensure the quality and authenticity of NFTs, only whitelisted NFT collections are allowed to be displayed as profile pictures and we are kickstarting the whitelist with 22 verified global NFT projects. COS.TV users who are holding NFTs that are not within the whitelist but are interested in using them as profile pictures and NFT projects who are interested in being whitelisted can reach us at for potential whitelist inclusion.

Whitelisted Global NFT Projects:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  2. We Are All Going to Die
  3. ShitBeast
  5. Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  6. CryptoPunks
  7. Moonbirds
  9. CLONE X
  11. Azuki
  12. Forever Fomo Duck Squad
  13. GalaXY Kats
  14. Demi-Human NFT
  15. ZombieClub Token
  16. Phanta Bear
  17. Doodles
  18. Meebits
  19. Chief Toad
  21. Cool Cats
  22. Mooncatz

In the near future, this whitelisting decision will be community driven via a DAO voting mechanism. With this new feature, we open up the possibility to collaborate with global NFT PFP projects and allow NFT creators to become a part of Contentos’ decentralized creator ecosystem. We believe the possibilities for collaborations with and between content creators and NFT creators will be limitless and we look forward to working with everyone in the NFT space.

Since the launch of our decentralized video platform COS.TV in 2019, we have been working hard to create a content ecosystem that truly brings back value to creators. In line with major trends in the blockchain industry, we developed an NFT video minting function and recently launched our own metaverse, COS.SPACE, expanding the possibilities for content and value creation for our community. Three years later, we remain dedicated to our original vision of building and using blockchain technology to benefit creators and users.

As one of our first collaborations with NFT creators and to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of COS.TV, we have partnered with famous Vietnamese 3D graphics studio, 3DVIETPRO, to create and publish a commemorative limited 101 piece NFT collection for COS.TV and the COS.SPACE metaverse called the Meta COSer Club. 3DVIETPRO is a famous Vietnamese design studio that has over 15 years of professional design experience. 3DVIETPRO focuses on 3D, 2D graphics, 3D game character design, brand mascots, and advertising design. They have produced 3D animated works for Vietnam National Television and famous local businesses including Sao thái dương, Dược tâm bình, Tân á đại thành, Panasonic, and Sconnect.

Commemorative limited 101 piece NFT collection: Meta COSer Club

How to Display your NFT Profile Picture:

COS.TV users are required to meet the following requirements in order to display NFT PFP on COS.TV:

  2. Have a COS.TV account
  3. Go to and bind Ethereum wallet holding the COS.SPACE NFT to COS.TV account

Users can participate in the 2nd round of COS.SPACE whitelisting and receive a COS.SPACE NFT or they can purchase a COS.SPACE NFT on Opensea.

This is just the beginning, and we look forward to more great engagements with NFT creators around the world. NFTs became mainstream in 2021, benefiting countless NFT creators and the NFT ecosystem continues to build momentum as new creators enter the space. NFTs will be indispensable in the new world of Web3 and we believe the COS.TV NFT profile picture function is an important first step towards this future. Contentos is constantly thinking of ways to provide more value to our global ecosystem and community, and we look forward to building this new world together one NFT at a time.



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