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How Attention, Influence and Content will be Powered by Blockchain

In concept, social media has provided every user a platform to promote a vision of themselves and their views of the world. Given the controls of centralized platforms and the tyranny of creating content tailored to advertisers, the question remains whether the current platforms truly endow users with freedom of expression. Are the voices of present-day influencers elevated by centralized social media platforms spitting hot ideas that challenge the establishment or, are they led to create commercially palatable, monosyllabic content that reflects “brand values” but is absent of originality and creativity?? There are many influencers creating within the existing social media model, but their inimitable qualities are often reduced within the strictures of centralized, corporate platforms.

The next question to ask is, who’s really making the most money? It’s obviously not the majority of influencers. Centralized corporations like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or the latest corporate derivative, offer the allure of sustainable earnings but, in reality, exploit influencers. These centralized corporations sell the notion of a strong platform for influencers to spring off, while tethering creators to corporate platforms by promoting content most suitable to their advertisers. The current model fails the majority of ecosystem participants, endows centralized corporations with the lionshare of wealth and control, and robs influencers of capital and creativity.

Decentralization is the Answer

Rather than supporting an environment where economic and social power is tightly held by a few centralized, corporate platforms, Contentos is giving creators back their power by decentralizing the global digital content ecosystem. Contentos distributes power equitably among all participants commensurate with their contributions. Moreover, in the Contentos ecosystem, creators own their content, decide its value, and deal directly with users and advertisers. By cutting out the middleman platforms connecting creators to their fans and advertisers, content creators can create content that really speaks to their audience.

In centralized systems, it may seem that content creators who already have deals with brands and advertisers are put on an a pedestal. In the least, centralized platforms are constantly tinkering with their algorithms — picking winners and losers — to serve their bottom line. Contentos understands that all content creators need support. As Contentos launches the first version of the network, early adopters will be distributed greater rewards for their contributions. This helps Contentos in building the ecosystem and creators in gaining an audience. Ultimately, in the Contentos ecosystem, the community will determine which content creators are promoted.

The Power of Blockchain: What’s a Blockchain, Again? A Cool Chain?

Grasping blockchain tech can be confusing at first, but it’s pretty easy to get when it comes to Contentos. The Contentos blockchain will be a record that can never be changed, and everyone in the Contentos ecosystem can see it. This record is distributed, making it stronger because it’s not held in only one place, but instead stored on many user devices. This permanent record fosters transparency and accountability. For instance, in the Consentos ecosystem, the algorithms used to distribute payments can be seen by all participants, unlike in centralized models where algorithms are kept behind closed doors.

Contentos also leverages the tokenization enabled by blockchain to create COS, an in-ecosystem token that is used to pay for use of products and services and to reward positive contributions to the ecosystem.

A New Ecosystem Built on Positive Contributions

All participants in the Contentos ecosystem are rewarded equal to their contributions. Community members earn credits and tokens for distributing, reviewing, categorizing, labeling, storing, and validating content. Rather than an imposed, centralized system, a true community is established where participants care for the ecosystem and are rewarded accordingly. Negative behaviors either receive no tokens or result in a loss of credit or privileges. Negative behaviors, like positive behaviors, are recorded permanently on the blockchain.

Power for People Over Corporations

Where corporate, centralized platforms disproportionately serve the interests of those at the top of their hierarchy, the Contentos ecosystem rewards all participants in accordance with their positive contributions. Centralized systems claim to offer empowerment to people, but foster exploitation. Contentos provides an equitable foundation to people and the platforms they build. Instead of cultivating a bland voice that serves corporate interests, creators can speak in their own names, let their visions grow, and build their own communities.

Imagine a world where ideas are elevated based upon their quality; where creativity and innovation are promoted. Consider a world where individuals can truly influence others in a constructive environment favorable to activating and sharing human potential. Think about a world where people are treated as valuable and their work is sustainably supported. This world all begins with an idea. Contentos aims to create the foundation for this kind of world.



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