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How creators can turn a small investment into a big future with DeFi

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As an experienced video creator, in addition to publishing and creating on traditional content platforms, investing in promotion funds, and competing in the content red ocean, is there a better way to increase revenue and value?

On COS.TV, a content platform based on blockchain technology, an opportunity definitely exists.

COS.TV, powered by Contentos, is a video distribution platform developed on a blockchain. Unlike traditional content platforms, creators do not just use COS.TV as a tool for publishing their creations, and audiences are not just audiences. Both creators and audiences are a part of the Contentos ecosystem.

COS.TV has been online for more than a year, and has rewarded the community with more than 20 million COS tokens so far.

With steady growth in Latin America, Vietnam, South Korea, and Russia, COS.TV integrated an advertising revenue system in April this year. Ad revenue has grown by more than 400% within two months since launch, and the number of ad impressions has grown nearly three times. We started from the basics and worked hard to provide a friendlier environment for diverse creators, including the mechanism of ad revenue withdrawals above $10. Also, we attracted creators of blockchain finance content to our platform. On the COS.TV homepage, users can easily search for the latest blockchain financial content such as DeFi content.

The growth of creators’ total ad revenue is slow and stable, and are like fixed deposits in the ever-changing blockchain financial world. In the wave of the current cross-border financial revolution, passionate creators shared with the COS.TV team their expectations and difficulties in creating great content, mastering current investment trends, and generating higher value.

UNITV, a group on COS.TV from Brazil, is a new generation of video creators, and have released 14 videos on COS.TV. UNITV told the COS.TV team that they like COS.TV’s blockchain-based business model, “We feel that we are valuable on the platform.” They agree that blockchain finance has the potential to change the market, but think the threshold is very high, “We have spent a long time learning, but it is really difficult for novice creators.” The COS.TV team tried to invest their deposited revenue of $50 through DeFi, and successfully added a value of $150 within a week.

So we began to think about how COS.TV can more actively support our community supporters and global creator community and connect them to the blockchain financial market.

If the advertising revenue of creators is their initial investment, creators can authorize COS.TV to invest their revenue under the conditions that the platform revenue distribution policy does not change, and creators can get the opportunity to participate in the DeFi wave to get high returns, such as 300% returns.

COS.TV is here to create a better life for every user by allowing them to fully enjoy the act of creating, leisure, and entertainment, and now also to enjoy the possibility of turning a small investment into a big future.

We welcome more new-generation creators to join COS.TV, a blockchain video creation platform that is friendlier to creators, more transparent, and faster. Join us at

To learn more about Contentos and get daily development information on the project, please follow the Contentos Twitter account:




Contentos is a universal decentralized content ecosystem recently invested by Binance Labs, the blockchain incubator of world’s largest exchange. It aims to create a decentralized content ecosystem, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed.

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