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How to Mint Your Video NFTs?

Hello Creators!

It’s time to own a channel and upload videos on COS.TV for Video NFTs!

We will need the following information to mint your Video NFTs:

  1. Personal email
  2. The COS.TV Video URLs of the videos you want to mint NFTs for
  3. An Ethereum wallet address for receiving NFTs

To make it simple, here’s a sheet for you to fill in:

After going through verification, you will receive a greeting & confirmation email from We will inform you of the Video NFT minting fee and payment information.

Please make sure you are satisfied with your video’s title and intro message before minting the Video NFT. You will not be allowed to edit the information after minting. We will mint your Video NFT when the payment is complete and you will receive your very own Video NFT in your wallet as soon as it’s ready.

On COS.TV, You will be able to see the OpeaSea link of your Video NFT on both the video player page and video setting page. Feel free to click the link and visit the OpenSea market anytime and use MetaMask to log in. You can also click the sell button for more bidding information.

Now it’s time to share with your fans and friends to bid the NFTs. Their love and support will be the core value of your creation!

Enjoy trading your Video NFTs!

COS.TV Video NFT Guideline

Before applying to mint a Video NFT for your video, please make sure you fully understand what will happen when a Video NFT is minted.

  1. A Video NFT represents ownership of the COS.TV video and therefore can only be minted by the video creator. The COS.TV Video NFT is an ERC-721 token issued on Ethereum, and you must hold it in a secure Ethereum wallet.
  2. When a Video NFT is minted, the corresponding video on COS.TV will become READ-ONLY. You will not be able to edit or delete it even if you are its creator. This is to ensure the video will not be altered after the Video NFT is transferred to others.
  3. In upcoming updates, the Video NFT holders will be able to claim the revenue generated by the corresponding videos. In other words, the revenue from gifting votes and ad monetization (if enabled) will no longer go to the original creator but will be claimed using a new service that is currently being developed.
  4. During the early testing period, the Contentos team will review applications and will reply to the accepted applicants using the email account Further instructions will be included in the email.
  5. The service fee for minting a Video NFT is 10,000 COS. The Contentos team may offer discounts for high quality pieces. The actual service fee and its recipient account will be included in the above mentioned notification email.

** You are fully responsible for the copyright of the video. You confirm the video will not violate any outstanding terms of service of COS.TV. If the video is confirmed to be plagiarized or in violation of any terms of service, we may remove the video from COS.TV even if the Video NFT is minted. If the video is suspected to be plagiarized or in violation of any terms of service, we may temporarily remove the video until the dispute or violation is resolved.

*** COS.TV and COS.TV Video NFT are constantly evolving to reflect users’ needs. We reserve the rights to update the implementation and features of the products without prior notice.

For more information regarding Video NFT, please contact



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