Introducing COS.TV’s Newest SocialFi Feature: “Airdrop”! Send and Receive Airdrops in Three Easy Steps!

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3 min readMar 19, 2024


Dear COSers,

In our continuous effort to enhance the Web3 community experience, we’re thrilled to unveil the newest SocialFi feature on COS.TV Channel VIP: “Airdrop”.

Designed as a dynamic tool for creators and community members alike, airdrops streamline engagement by allowing creators to seamlessly interact with their audience. With airdrops, creators can effortlessly manage exclusive chat room activities, surprise their audience with rewards, and foster a stronger sense of community support. Additionally, members can utilize airdrops to extend holiday and birthday wishes, bridging distances with instant joy!

Whether you’re hosting events or spreading positivity, leverage the Airdrop feature to express yourself and cultivate deeper connections within your community.

How to Send an Airdrop :

  1. Navigate to the chat room where you want to send an airdrop, click “+” on the chat toolbar, and select “Airdrop”.

2. Enter the total airdrop amount and number of claims to be sent, along with a personalized message.

3. Confirm the details and press “Continue” to send the airdrop!

*Note: Airdrops sent by chat room members are only visible in chat rooms with the “group chat function” enabled.

How to Use Airdrops :

With the airdrop feature, unleash your creativity by crafting engaging airdrop campaigns to reward your loyal followers. Announce your activity rules and rewards in the room introduction to attract new members and increase your chat room’s visibility!

How to Claim an Airdrop :

  1. Navigate to the chat room where the airdrop is taking place.

2. Buy a PASS and enter the chat room.

3. Find the airdrop message and click the “Claim” button. The screen will display the airdrop amount you received!

Airdrop FAQ :

  1. Do I need to pay handling fees or gas fees to send and receive airdrops?

Each action, such as sending or receiving airdrops, buying a PASS to join a chat room, or selling a PASS, incurs a “stamina” cost on the Contentos mainnet. Your stamina replenishes over time. You can go to your Personal Center to check how much stamina you have.

2. Can a sent airdrop be recovered?

Once sent, an airdrop cannot be canceled or recovered unless it is unclaimed for 24 hours. Unclaimed airdrop amounts will automatically be refunded after 24 hours.

3. Will unclaimed airdrops expire?

Unclaimed airdrops expire after 24 hours and are automatically refunded to the sender.

4. Why can’t others see the airdrop I sent?

In non-group chat rooms, only the chat room owner and the airdrop sender can view the airdrop notification. Check that the chat room has the group chat function enabled before sending an airdrop.




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