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Introducing the COS-Verse

It’s your SPACE for creation.

In an era of diversified content, the continuous evolution of technology has expanded the boundaries of our imagination for creation. Software tools are magical wands and the internet has truly created a world without borders. Here at the end of 2021, the ‘Metaverse’ is one step closer to reality, and the Contentos Team has already started expanding our world in Web 3.0 for more creators from the real world to join us.

Our Vision

The Contentos team is committed to providing creators with ownership of the content they create and to allowing creators to profit from their creations. We are also committed to allowing users to understand and decide on their own the use of their data.

We launched COS.TV, our decentralized video-streaming platform in 2019. In 2020, we invested in DeFi for our creator ecosystem. This year, creators could easily mint their video as NFTs through COS.TV. In 2022, Contentos will keep investing in building our infrastructure and we aim to become the main portal for creators and their valuable creations to enter the Metaverse. This development will be a process that will progress over time.

The process will be divided into four stages: COS-Land, COS-Home, COS-World, and COS-Verse. All four stages will have the same fundamental and common values:

Open Identity

In Web3.0, all user information and assets will be held by users, and each product will read or write user addresses or accounts through a unified standard of smart contracts and support identification of cross-chain transfers.

Diverse Uses

The COS-Verse will include diverse Metaverse uses, starting with content such as game-related content, e-commerce content, live-streaming, and video-on-demand. It will also provide access to various types of P2E and NFT games, and will allow users to socialize in the Metaverse through collecting, trading, bidding, and joining guilds.


COS-Verse will build portals to major Metaverses, and users will be able to freely transfer their identities and assets across Metaverses.

COS-Verse Roadmap

2022/Q2 COS-Land: The Grand Map

  • COSer Homeland project
  • NFT real estate
  • Contentos Mainnet to support Web 3.0 virtual Open ID

2022/Q4 COS-Home: Personalized Home

  • DeFi & virtual property leasing
  • Crosschain Open ID support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana

2023/Q1 COS-World: New Reality

  • Fully functional 3D interactive VR world
  • Contentos NFT asset DEX
  • NFT staking / mortgage

2023/Q3 COS-Verse: A Universe without Boundaries

  • Connect with Meta and other popular metaverses
  • Contentos DAO for property crowd-funding
  • Automated rent revenue distribution

We will soon announce more details about COS-Land: The Grand Map. The benefits of becoming a part of COS-Land will include gaining credibility, user traffic, visibility, and digital land ownership. To learn more, please first register for a free COS.TV account now!



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